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they answered a few of our questions but left a few biggies out (like bull centaur base size size).

Overall I would say it is an improvement for us. Breath of hatred working if cast in later rounds of combat is a huge boost, and the Hellcannon benefiting from engineer re-rolls is a huge deal.

Also they cleared up the blazing body rule, 6’s do not auto wound.

Thoughts? Questions? accusations? Promises? Threats?

Edit:  HAHA in my excitement I totally forgot a link, my bad:


Thommy H:


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The iron daemon can’t stand and shoot! Wasn’t expecting that to be honest.

Good news about the Hellcannon reroll and blazing body rule. Kdaii still safe to str 4 :smiley:


Great news!! And what a nice surprise, new Daemonsmith models as well as an FAQ.  Glad to see the Hatred rules addressed as well.

… ooh, and the Lammasu upgrades as well. Good good. It’s all coming together nicely!

Hats off to Forge World :hat off


I think its funny how FW can get an FAQ out faster than GW. This looks like more positives than negatives.

they answered a few of our questions but left a few biggies out (like bull centaur base size size).

No doubt they feel its something that will be very apparent whenever they do release those models.


Nice to see they mention CDO as well!

Am I the only one who looked at the fonts/ text size on the first page and thought wtf?!?


The mixing of the serif and sans-serif fonts is a bit jarring for the Q&A. Times New Roman and Ariel/Calibri?

Other players are going to hate the Destroyer even more now.


Am really pleased with the ruling on the breath of hatred before it was the worst signature spell and really put me off lore of Hashut


Something interesting, I see Alan Bligh did the FAQ from the email newsletter.

I wouldn’t have put him down as a rules guy.  No particular reason why not I guess.

They really should rehost that after spending 5 mins on the formatting.


From what I gather the Great Host can be formed thus:

A CD lord as the general (with the +1 ward as the paragon)


minimum 25% of total host as CD core

After this my understanding is that units from the other lists can be taken as normal in a great host. But you cannot pick any of the paragons (slaughter, ruin etc) to play with. As CD lords are not in the lists.


Am really pleased with the ruling on the breath of hatred before it was the worst signature spell and really put me off lore of Hashut

I Always thought it was that way before! It would be a bit rubbish otherwise!


I did too but the RAW interpretation didn’t support it, all of a sudden combat lists become so much more viable. I am off to convert some bull centaurs before with only 2 attacks I was always worried in investing in large units as with only 2 attacks each it was too easy to whiff and have bad rounds of combat at the wrong times. Now I can see the value in 6’s with great weapons with 12 strength 6’s and 3 stomps you can really grind


I’m glad they cleared some of that up; particularly the Blazing Body, Hatred, and Great Host rules; although the base size would have been nice as well-- I imagine they want to give the sculptors more license until they finally release the models; i.e. protecting themselves from too much proxying.


I might be totally blind but at what palce in the faq are the bull centaurs (base size and attacks) mentioned!

I’m not able to find it … could you point it out for me?!



They aren’t unfortunately.


They aren't unfortunately.

Ahh o.k. I misread one sentence and thus I thought I read over the BC passage!

My fault - I must improve my english!



Pretty much as I expected, apart from Hobgobs getting +1 to Hit with shooting lol :slight_smile:

I always played Breath of Hatred as they ruled, thought it was fairly obvious really.

I don’t think the Hellcannon should get the Daemonsmith re-rolls really - now it is officially just better than the Dreadquake. Oh well.


If so always -1 to wound the Destroyer? No auto 6 to wounds? If so if you not send him against magic weapon wielders and not destry itself it’s pretty immortal! Cooooooooool :smiley: people will hate it even more :smiley:


What would be sweet would be if you could make the Hellcannon Hellbound and put it on a carriage… alas. :wink:


Yes a hell-cannon with re-roll’s to hit is amazing its just stormed its way to the top of my must haves in a competitive list over a destroyer


Don’t like the Blazing Body ruling at all. That said, good to have a FAQ and they cleared up some stuff.

I liked the CDO big up also.

Nice work Alan