[Archive] The Flying Beaver's Nurgle Daemon Prince

The Flying Beaver:

Behold the mighty Slak’nar ye mortals, and despair! The pictures aren’t great, but I’ll try and get some better ones… if I can get off my lazy ass that is. Anway, this conversion is my pride and joy. It’s based off of Be’lakor with the legs from Nagash, and a sculpted gut. The Scythe blade comes from the Lord of Nurgle and the shaft cones from Nagash’s staff. Note the ground rotting around his feet too!


Wow, that’s pretty sweet, but the pics are really bright.

Well done!

Pyro Stick:

Thats Awesome. Clearer picture seperate from each other would be better. You could appreciate it more

Hashut’s Blessing:

Post the pictures individually, but from what I can see, it’s excellent! Great concept as well.


nice one, very nice! i especially like his clothes.

hm, but to make him much better, you maybe use some brown inks, makes him look more dirty.


That is a really nice conversion.

The problem I have with posts like this is that they are both simultaneously inspiring and depressing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Too true, Wallacer, too true. Mostly because I can’t paint for a legless donkey and impress it over it’s own skills. He he he.

The Flying Beaver:

More pictures, since I now have a camera that doesn’t suck!


that is super cool. i think the shades of green are just perfect for th opnes used in the liber chaotica. i love it!


He reminds of the Hrothgar Daemonaxe model from games day a bit. Very cool


I think I’ve seen your army before on another forum, very nice btw.


Nice camera! Good stuff.


very very nice, I like the use of Nagash, always wanted to find something to do with that model