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Imagine being able to move and shoot with units without your opponent arguing that you measured wrongly. Imagine knowing exactly how many models are under a template without floating the thing above a unit and making judgement calls. Imagine playing against a computer because your friends don’t want to come round at 2am. How long before you get one of these in your house:

BBC NEWS | Business | Microsoft unveils table computer

We’ve seen them coming, but now they are starting to look buyable by the general public. Autogenerate terrain, play against people on the other side of the world, the possibilities are huge. Hell, I’ll even have a go at writing a basic program for one if the interface software is made freely available.

Uzkul Werit:

Nah, give me old fashioned minatures anyday. The community behind tabletop wargaming is immense. I wouldn’t like to have it lose out to fancy computers.


I wasn’t even thinking about getting rid of the miniatures, just slide them around on top.


Yes, for us old timers who have multiple armies, you could simply use one of your armies (that was the same as the opponents) to sit on the table representing his army, then when the computer moved the grey area (or whetever) that represents where your opponent’s unit is, you could just move the miniatures there.

If the Graphics were good enough you could even just forego having miniatures to represent the other guys army.

Would be kind of fun to try, although it still doesn’t beat having an actual real club to game in.


The main part of the hobby for me is building and converting an army, meeting new people and swapping ideas. Our club night is not just a gaming session, my mates and I chat, eat drink and generally have a good laugh, part of which is wargaming. A computer screen can never replecate this


Yeah, wouldn’t do that at all. I will always play with miniatures, because that’s part of it. A tabletop game with miniatures. What’s the point if you’re not really buidling your army? Where’s the sweat? The pride in seeing the army you painted yourself on the tabletop?


No one suggested giving up the hobby aspect, just that this could be a good way to play games with people all over the world. What’s so bad about some of the English members, such as myself and Uzkul, teaming up to take on Xander and The Flying Beaver for Canada? This could make that possible. As has been pointed out, this is tabletop, so what’s stopping you putting your miniatures on the table, and moving them to correspond with the in-game moves?


I guess if you put it that way. It would be pretty cool to play against people have way across the world, I’m just saying it might kill some of the hobby aspect. . . In a way that is.


I guess if you put it that way.��It would be pretty cool to play against people have way across the world, I'm just saying it might kill some of the hobby aspect. . .��In a way that is.

I agree. We could end up with people playing and not bothering with the miniatures. Also there would probably be evenmore annoying kids whinging about cheating, and being poor losers.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Is that not what the simulator (that has been posted somewhere on the site I think) is for? Use that until this comes up!


I registered on that. Would anyone else who uses it mind playing some games against me? It would help me learn the rules, and test the list I’ve got up on here.


There’s a simulator??? I’d play a few games, just need to figure it out a little first.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I really can’t decipher it. You place units… I assume you have to trust your opponent has done so to the pre-agreed points value, you can’t have magic items (to my knowledge) and I couldn’t figure out how to make the game start…


Is that, the simulator that’s in spanish or something?? Yeah I can’t read it let alone figure it out. I feel another brain explosion coming on. Hurry HB! Get the trash can!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s in Italian, but on the front page of the website, you can change the language (some flags to the left, you’ll know which to clcik :D), but the instructions are in VERY bad Englis with a lot of the words left in Italian… I wonder if they just typed the instructions and put them in Babel Fish?

Lobs rubbish bin at Kb’s head

"Hey, it’s another Big Hat! W00t!"


I woulden’t use it because it leaves some questions like what how many guys are in that unit the movement tray isn’t transparent and it would be expensive and pertuburo you could play against xander or TFB in that online warhammer game in another thread called warhammer online.


Also you wouldnt need any dice anymore. Wheres the fun of trying not to roll misfires if its the computer rolling it for you. 17 1’s in a row and people will complain its the computer cheating them.

Now what would be cool would be a virtual reality simulator where you are leading your army from the front (or the back if your a pansy elf) and lopping the heads of night goblins. Although i dont presume thats going to happen any time before im middle aged and balding and im not exactly sure how you would paint a virtual reality miniature.

This table thing may open up opportunities for people who have moved house and live i the middle of nowhere and cant find someone to play with, but other than that i cant see it being worth the cost. Plane tickets is likely to be cheaper.