[Archive] The Grand Army of Gash Kadrak

Uzkul Werit:

Just some pics to keep you busy until I work out how to use a digital camera …

First picture is of (going from left to right) a Chaos Dwarf Hero, Lord of Great Taurus and a Death Sorcerer.


A longshot of the whole Garrison.

More pics

The Garrison and it’s triumphant commander!

Oh dear god no!

Overall in the tournie, I came sixth in Round Two and last but one place in the final. With any luck, we should have the rest of the army up at some point today.

Lord Darkash:

Like the darkness of them, very sinister. interesting not having the lord actually mounted. any reason for that?


How many points are we looking at? :open_mouth:

The Flying Beaver:

You…you p-posted pictures! This is a day I never thought I’d see. Anyway, nice chaos spawn conversion in the third picture. I’d also like to see some pictures of these turbaned Chaos Dwarfs you’ve said so much about.


Tantalising shots they look good any close ups:)


And we need to know how many points this is, so we can award you the proper medal. :slight_smile:


Nice looking army.

I like the purples on you great tarusus wings its so different and supprisingly works well.


Very original big hat army. I like the conversions.


i was wondering too why he wasnt mounted and just standing next to it lol very unusual way to depict a monstrous mount :stuck_out_tongue:

Uzkul Werit:

Wowza. I didn’t expect so many comments! Righto … let’s get down to replying!

Tugmeyster - The Lord is mounted on that mighty fine Great Taurus. He’s the little chap standing on the base. He’s standing on the base purely because I couldn’t find any Dwarf size legs that’d actually fit on the Great Taurus. That Lord model ontop of the Great Taurus would be looking like he was surfing! The unmounted version is in the third picture (ontop of the big, red thing) but he’ll be the first thing to get a photo snapped for.

Xander - That’d be a 2000pts force. The army overall is at 3000pts, but they aren’t all shown. Truth be told, it’s a pretty boring extra 1000pts. Just a few more Dwarfs here and there.

The Flying Beaver - Chaos Spawn? Why, that’s me! laughs No way are my conversion skills that good. The real, old plastic Big Hats are slowly creeping into the army, so the only fully turban unit are the less purpley Blunderbusses.

hobblin - I’m glad you like the purple! The wings are from a Tyranid Gargoyle pirely because if the wings were any bigger, I couldn’t fit both the Great Taurus and Shelob in one ice cream tub.




Ok, medals awarded. I think it’s cooler to collect medals rather than upgrading, so I gave you both the bronze and silver. What do people think or that?

Ghrask Dragh:

Looks great Uzkul! (apart from that last pic ;))

I have to say it is one of the best colour-schemes for the CDs and has caused me much termoil trying to think of a different one!

Its great to see your army on here and thanks again for telling me about these sites!! :cheers


Nice! I like your colour scheme also, very sinister! The sorcerer with the scythe is pretty rad too.

P.S Why are shelob and the great taurus in the ice cream tub? That would be a terrifying surprise!


Purple CDs are a very cool idea. I’m also glad to finally see your pics!

:cheers (for the medals).


Purple is deffo the way to go.

The Flying Beaver:

I think it's cooler to collect medals rather than upgrading, so I gave you both the bronze and silver. What do people think or that?

Uzkul Werit:

You’re hopeless, Ghrask. Changing colour schemes and army lists every week. I’ve used pretty much the same one for years! :smiley:

That Death Sorcerer is thanks yto free Miner and Faglient sprues that were being given away at my local GW. Can you believe that one kid didn’t want that lovely set of sprues?!? Shelob and the Great Taurus are in an ice cream tub as they won’t fit in my box. It’s already full of Chaos Dwarfs, Hobbits and Spiders!


I just wanna let you know that when I saw that first picture, my eyes started to bulge and I yelled out loud “Ohhh my god!”. Then everyone in the room looked at me funny. :~