[Archive] the great fleet of Draski purplebeard - the 1500 I'm working to


Hey all, well sicne I need a target army to work towards I thought I’d come up with one right here, the army is based around my group of chaos dwarf slaver-pirates (whos Idea I had before kera signed up to this forum, so she stole my idea) and there 'assistants’

NOTE: since I don’t have enough points my general won’t be purplebeard.

Chaos Dwarf hero - cap’n jack turkey - 94

Great weapon + armour of Ghazrak

Chaos dwarf BSB - Mr Gibbs - 99

heavy armour, battle standard + swrord of might

Chaos dwarf sorcerer - Kurlypso - 115

2 dispell scrolls OR chalice of darkness

20 chaos dwarf warriors - 210

full command

20 Chaos dwarf warriors - 230

great weapons

18 chaos dwarf warriors - 204


25 Hobgoblins - 120

light armour + shields

25 hobgoblins - 120

light armour + shields

death rocket - 80

Death rocket - 80

2 bolt throwers - 60

earthshaker cannon - 110

I know the armies fairly slow (Fairly, pshhhh, a rock could beat it in a foor race - HLY) sorry, my inner me talking, but it has a good combat potential and very strong shooting.

before everyone tells me to drop the death rockets, i’ve found stone throwers to be increadably usefull, and the chance of the rocket scattering is so low it’s generaly worth taking. and it’s cool…


Looks good. Don’t take the chalice.

Kera foehunter:

Yea right !! you even stole my army list too. see you even said it was my idea!!!

buy me some rum you skum!!! and you can use the list and idea.

btw i like you list great job.


I looks like you’re relying too heavily on Warmachines when you have nothing really to protect them with. I would try to invest in some fast moving troops like wolf riders.

Also I think that Hobgoblins are best used in bulk and unequipped but I suppose that a matter of opinion. Many people seem to use the 'eavy hobgobs to good effect.


Cornixt: I’ve been tld, take scrolls instead of chalice, gotcha

Kera: it was my idea first, so i want the rum:P savi?

Hal: I’ve never found defending my warmachines that efective, round here it’s usualy kamikazi units that try and take them out so a guard dosen’t deter them and I waste points. I have cnsidered swapping the hard hobs for wolf hobs, thoughts?

Kera foehunter:

well i not shure??? so here is a 1/2 bottle of ogre rum.of course i drank first.

great job Captain Minty