[Archive] the great taruses uses


I usally use my great tarus for taking out chariots.you see with 7 attacks your bound to do some damage to the chariot.

another use is to hide behind a terrain feature and be withing 6"

of an enimy unit,causing a terror test.I also use it to hunt loner charicters:idea.

I hope this is helpfull


S7? you risking your taurus to your own S7 hitz?

i keep my taurus light… armor of gaz, great weapon…

hes mainly a big firebreathing distraction for my opponent…

Uzkul Werit:

My Great Taurus takes the Black Hammer (as +2S for GW no longer works on mounted models) with the Armour of Gazrakh. In my games, I whip him up the flanks to knock out war machines and stuff like that. After a turn or two of munching on poorly defended cannon crew, he then starts on the flanks of ranked up units. I normally find that the Great Taurus ends up doing much of the work!

And just so that my troops get that LD10 bonus, a CD Hero acts as my general.


sure it worx… its just +1S is all…

its not like great weapons died…


GAR! I luv the taurus but i dont use it in under 2250 pt games i yse it for flanking and warmachine hunting.