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I’m starting a new ‘tale of’ project with a few friends and have chosen Chaos Dwarves as my army. Our primary goal is to not buy more than we have painted and them playing with each expansion of our army.

This means we’re starting quite small, but it should provide much entertainment. We’re also hoping to shape our games and armies by way of story driven campaign.

My first opponents are Beastmen and High Elves.

Today I began work on my first warrior!

No big hats in sight!


looking cool!

Have you tried hollowing out your beards with a wet pin? It helps to define the beard braids (I find it helped after a few attempts)


No hat but Still looking good! Good idea to start off small too!


I’ll have to give it a try with a pin :slight_smile:

We’re agreed the fist milestone will be 400 points.

I’ve chosen to go for the following:

Chaos Dwarf Slavemaster

Heavy Armour

Great Weapon

Talisman of Protection

14 Chaos Dwarf warriors

Great axe


10 Chaos Dwarf warriors


Hobgoblin spear chukka


Nice start, Reminds me of my first beards. That said the helms not too shabby either. Like N!tro says wet pin or clay shaper in the ends really adds depth.


Since I’ve chosen great weapons, I’ve moved onto the skull pass miners. I only seem to have 5, but have started converting those.

I’ve taken a few press molds of the Hellcannon crew masks for do a few with, but don’t want to repeat the same faces over too much and will be varying and sculpting fresh masks and helmets for the majority.

Weapons are being drawn from chaos weapon stocks.


very good ‘skulpting’ on the head there :wink:

Good progress. I have a pile of unused BFSP models now, my heart has gone to mantic.

Should probably pop them on the Market place.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

This is a good start indeed!

For my beards, I sculpt them using a #16 hobby blade. I find that the blunt shape of the blade is easy to tilt on it’s head for going “Around” the green stuff “Beard Rolls” for creating hair definition.

Here’s a picture of one of my beards

For the “Holes” at the ends of the beards, I use a broken tip #11 blade or the end of a 1/16th inch drill, whichever I’m in the mood for.

The concept behind an “Adventure” army, like you mention is fun. I always wanted to try that, but there’s so many people that come to my store to play that build “Min/Max Cheese Armies” in an attempt to have a huge edge over me that I don’t get the chance to play anything else.

However, I have been playing a few games with a new guy who has an army of Night Goblins. We’re playing “Low Fantasy” battles using Core and a Hero or Lord choice. I usually tromp the Night Goblins by forcing them to flee, but the last game was almost a tie (I still won, but by only 150 points VS the almost 500 of the previous games.)

We’re having fun!


Here’s the first test paint.


Here's the first test paint.

Looks good!


Yep…looking good.

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looking awesome!

nice press work

Golder Goldeater:

Here's the first test paint.

Looks good!

Not just good! Perfect! The sculpting of the helms is outstanding :o


I’ve been experimenting with various styles of helmets for practice. Some finished, some WIP:


love the helmets, great work.


The variation is awesome!

Great work!


I’m torn between trying to recapture the classic CD look and the new style coming from Forgeworld. I’ll continue doing some more head variants, trying to tie them together a little more. It’s good sculpting practice at the least and I probably need 20-40 of the buggers.


I'm torn between trying to recapture the classic CD look and the new style coming from Forgeworld.

Mix them without fear: they look awesome!


Man I love the masks that you have sculpted and I also have to say great use of the hell cannon crew mold on the masks :slight_smile: