[Archive] The House Blackhand army - Ravens army blog?

The Raven:

Hey all, I decided to finally upload some stuff on to the Net. I think I’ve been collecting Chaos Dwarfs for a year or 2 now but my interest in them goes back far longer.

Alot of my army is unpainted and since I’m incredibily slow and at the moment unmotivated, progress is sloooooow. So without any further delay, the pictures!

My general; Zharan Blackhand.

Zharan and his two bodyguards. The other warriors are not fully painted at the moment.

My precious little slaves, everyone fears them for some reason…

The hobs in charge of my Bolt Thrower

thats it for now…


Looking good, has a nice, unified feel to it. The wood on the bolt thrower looks a little bit light for my liking, but then again, its not my army!!! Keep up the good work :cheers:


Great start keep it up and post more pics as they become available.

Kera foehunter:

nice army i like the generral and his boys

Father Grumpmas:

Looks good - great to see a couple of old school hobbos/orcs as the bolt thrower crew :hat off

puppet gathering:

wow they are some nicely painted models i cant wait to see the warriors