[Archive] The Hunt for Gollum


Holy Crap this is FAN produced!

The Hunt For Gollum - Independent Film


Those trailers look pretty slick. Just goes to further illustrate the power and creativity of a talented and dedicated fan base. Good stuffs.


I saw the trailer a while ago, but it seems that they have made quite a bit of progress since then.


I’m very impressed looks better than a lot of company made films I’ve seen.


The trailer did so well up until the fight scene, which looked bad from the fraction of a second that they showed.

The last full-length fan film I saw was Star Wars Revelations, which looked good in the trailer, but was somewhat lacking in acting skills. Some of the scenes looked like they were filmed in a cheap hotel, which spoilt the excellent special effects elsewhere in the film

Kera foehunter:

This is cool and what a great idea !! yea i hunt down smeagle

Pyro Stick:

The site seems to be very slow for me and everything is in HD so im just going to download the film. Heres the torrent if anyone else wants to get it or finds the site too slow: http://www.mininova.org/tor/2555629


Yep! Very nice. It’s quite easy to understand The Lord of the rings" trilogy setted the standard backgorund for everything related the original Lord of the Rings world.

So nothing original here but great efforts and great result. I wonder how long and how much did it take to be made.

My only complain is that the movie lacks a little of rhythm. I like hte atmosphere parts but sometimes a movie need to get out of epic/mhystic atmosphere for a single moment, at least.

Everything is so cool, do you know where it was shot?

Just please next time find a better chick, ok Liv Tyler is not always availabe but they could find a nicer girl for an elf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Was Kera too busy maybe? :smiley:



Well put together in all aspects I was surprised at the production values.

Alan the evil:

If I think that it’s a low budget fan production I find it amazing…

Ok, rythm is a bit slow in some points and there are some scenes not acted like best movies but… wow! I enjoy it very much.

I want more of that!!