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This is the story I just wrote when inspired by the mentioning of Immortals by some of you. In my games I will be using a large unit of Warriors w/ GWs to represent them.

What do you think? If I get positive replies I may go on and right more on the Chaos Dwarfs.

Gulgamesh surveyed the ranks under his command. Only a handful but he knew they would guard him into death and even beyond. They were his chosen few, his immortals.

Their bronze helmets shone despite there being little light due to the smog emitted from the huge volcano on their right flank. They were clad in pure scale armour, each one overlapping the other in an intricate design, worked upon over the centuries of Dawi Zharr existence. In fact the only parts of these warriors that were without armour were their arms and ceremonially braided beards. They held their heavy weapons aloft like they were sticks. As each Immortal was tasked to provide his own weapon a variety of vicious instruments of death were included amongst the ranks.

They were here to quell an insurgence. Thousands of rebellious slave Greenskins, Ogres, Skaven and Humans had all united to try and foolishly overthrow their masters. Hugely outnumbered the Dawi Zharr forces were initially weakened and many proud warriors were lost. Therefore Gulgamesh had decided to pull back to a pass, in the shape of a bottleneck, in which he hoped to trap the marauding slaves and wipe out the majority of them.

In order to do this he had selected his finest living warriors, the Immortals, along with only a handful of other troops to defend this pass.

Upon the ridges he had positioned his Blunderbussers. These weapons were originally designed to kill rebelling slaves quickly and efficiently, without using too many valuable Dawi Zharr. He knew that if the Immortals could hold then these guns would have a good chance of wiping out the closely packed troops.

As Gulgamesh knew their to be larger beasts than just mere Goblinoids he brought with him just a few of the areas greatest war machines. Two small batteries of Rocketeers were placed with the Blunderbussers and behind the line were positioned two mighty Earthshakers. Yet again these weapons were designed to take advantage of the compacted enemies and blast them into the next life.

* * * * *

The beating of drums signified the coming of the horde. As the dust cloud on the horizon gained closer the Immortals didn’t bat an eyelid, they were totally prepared. Soon the horde was at the front of the pass. With a shout Spazrakticus, the leader of the slave rebellion shouted a war cry and the horde raced into the pass, no heed to the peril they were in.

With a sickening crunch the slaves hit the Dawi Zharr line. In unison the Immortals brought down their heavy weapons and felled the first line of rebels. Gulgamesh himself was still impressed by the brilliance of these warriors, despite having fought with them many times before.

Time and time again they brought their weapons down, killing many rebels with each swoop. But now the pass was packed, the horde only pushed forwards, and still the Immortals held the line, the horde breaking upon their pure stubborn nature. As soon a Gulgamesh gave the signal the artillery opened up. The noise and smoke was horrendous. As rockets spun into the ranks and the shrapnel tore through flesh of the foes right in front of them the Immortals did not even flinch.

Then the Earthshakers opened fire. The loud whizzing sound could be heard as the shells flew overhead and then the bone crunching smash hit home. Where the shells landed the infidels were thrown into the air and all around many lost their balance, at the front this was fatal and the Immortals pushed forward for the first time in the battle.

They had only up until now only taken minor casualties but nearly a third of the opposing horde had been killed. With another shout Gulgamesh signalled for the artillery to change their paths of fire as previously planned. This allowed the Immortals to push forward in a wedge formation. With the slaves caught between the multiple wedges the Immortals could push forward, forcing the enemy back with them. All the time the ranks of the Immortals shifted to accommodate the back rank fighters so that those at the front did not get exhausted. This tactic worked perfectly as they now had the advantage of energy, compared to the now collapsing horde.

It began to look like the horde would break but then Spazrakticus ordered the advance of the amassed Ogres, Trolls and other large creatures into the fray. They ripped into the Immortal lines, years of torture driving them onwards. However the almighty strength of the warriors and their pure defiance meant that the beasts were conquered.

At the sight of the defeat of the shock weaponry the rebel horde began to turn tale and run. However the pulverised ground left in the wake of the Earthshakers and the mangled bodies from the Blunderbusses made this a nigh on impossible task. Some of the larger brutes and nimble ones managed to escape from the fury of the Immortals but the others were cut or shot down in their tracks.

The victory is still retold across the land of the Dawi Zharr and was named after the volacane, Thermolyskk. It is told as the battle where a force off Dawi Zharr fought off a horde twice their size, and the beginning of the tale of Gulgamesh’s legendary Immortals, a unit that exists up unto this day, still managing feats of great bravery and might.



Hashut’s Blessing:

Based losely on 300? (Spazrakticus is based on Spartacus at a guess? The story of a few against many in a chams near Thermolyskk is similar to 300 [except that was Thermopylae]) I’m not saying it’s a bad thing and it’s very well written. I only thought of 300 because of the name of the volcano. It’s actually good to base things on actual names/place/events. I’d like to se more writng of Chaos Dwarfs from you! Keep it up!


Thanks, it is roughly based on 300 (even though I haven’t seen the film yet) and the wedge formation is a tactic used by the romans, I thought it suited the elite role of the Immortals.

I will write more soon hopefully, when exams are over for me next week. I may even add to the Wiki if that’s ok?



Hashut’s Blessing:

The wiki is there to be added to! Just make sure you add it as a page of YOUR fluff, not as official fluff. The wedge tactic was also imployed by, urm… Normans? I think… I can’t remember… But, again, well written!