[Archive] The Imperishables and the Blacksteel Taurus

Ancient History:

“We have nothing to fear,” claimed the Kislevite commander. The March Boyar could smell the kvas on his breath already. He did not like this decadent southerner, whether he came with the Tzarina’s blessing or not. In the distance, the Boyar watched the Chaos Dwarfs whip their Greenskin slaves into some semblance of a line. A regiment of Black Orcs were busy removing heavy tarpaulins from something else. “This is simply a mining outpost. No artillery worth speaking of, no sorcerers, and no damn bull centaurs. Our Winged Lancers will ride circles around them!”

“I do not know about that, my lord.” the Boyar replied “The Dawi’Zharr are cunning,” Almost on cue, a terrible metallic hum filled the air. The Black Orcs stood before the supine forms of their steeds, an even dozen boars made of black iron with glowing coals for eyes. As the Chaos Dwarf leading them gave a command, four dozen iron muscles rasped as one and lurched to their feet; the Black Orcs mounted them with disciplined efficiency.

“…and not to be underestimated.” he finished. "May I have a swig of that kvas now, m’lord?"

The Imperishables are the medium cavalry of the Chaos Dwarfs, mechanical steeds of iron and brass and bound within by minor daemons of fire and flame who power its simple steam engine. Such creatures make formidable mounts, but are still dangerous contraptions, prone to growing hot enough to burn the unwary flesh of those that ride them, which is why the Chaos Dwarfs prefer to give them to their most trusted (and toughest) slaves.

Imperishables  0-1 (Special)

If you field units of Orcs or Black Orcs, you may mount one unit on Iron Boars for an additional 35 points per model.

Ironback Boar
M WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
7  3  0  3  4  1  3  1  3
+35 points per model

Special Rules: Thick-skinned, Tusker Charge, Ironback Charge

Ironback Charge - When charging, an Iron Boar deals an additional d3 S5 impact hits.

At the back of his regiment, Grunki heard a horrible lowing like none he had ever known before - there was something in it like the hiss of a forge about to blow, and something else like the grinding of great gears at a mill, or the constant background ticking of his uncle’s clockshop. Out of the corner of his eye he saw it as burst through the ranks ahead of him, stopping only when his mate Thruhn in the rank before him became impaled on its terrible steel horn.

It looked like a cross between an idol and a furnace, a statue of a bull cast out of steel, black with soot and dried blood, a mocking, blasphemous suggestion Dwarf features on its terrible bovine face - and the eyes of a daemon, burning into his own…Grunki picked up his mace with a prayer to Valaya on his lips, no longer sure the ancestor was looking down on him.

Few are the Chaos Dwarfs who can afford a mighty Great Taurus, for they are rare beasts, property of the Temple of Hashut, and leased out only for great sums and dire need. In the lesser fortresses, mines, and towers of the Dark Lands, the Priest-Sorcerers construct daemon-fuelled mechanical bulls to bear their champions and heroes into battle.

Blacksteel Taurus

A Blacksteel Taurus may serve as a mount for a Chaos Dwarf Hero or Lord.
Blacksteel Taurus
M WS BS  S  T  W  I  A  LD
7  4  0  6  5  5  2  5  9
+150 points

The Blacksteel Taurus has a 3+ Armour save, and all its attacks count as magical.

Special Rules: Cause Fear, Blacksteel Charge

Blacksteel Charge - When charging, a Blacksteel Taurus deals an additional d3 S5 Impact hits.


They’re nicely balanced (being as they are imports from the O&G book), but I can’t help but that the Imperishables would be better off as a Regiment of Renown.

Also, wouldn’t the minimum unit size at the moment be 10+? That would be… expensive.


I’d agree with Revlid on this one.

Also the Blacksteel Taurus sounds a bit cheap in points but I guess that with flying and terror removed it could be that pointcost.

Are there any mechanical failures that can occur with the constructs? For example you mentioned the Ironback Boar getting too hot for its riders but that’s not carried over into its rules…


Also the Blacksteel Taurus sounds a bit cheap in points but I guess that with flying and terror removed it could be that pointcost.

There's no flying or terror on the Blacksteel Taurus - its not an upgrade to the Great Taurus, its a seperate creature.

However, it is a bit cheap - Greater Daemon stats do not 150 points make.


Hmm, indeed you’re right. I just thought he modelled it on the Great taurus stats but taking a closer look I see that was not at all the case!

Point cost could 150 if you’d add some downsides to it making it more of a gamble taking it to the battlefield.

Ancient History:

Okay, nothing’s perfect…the Blacksteel Taurus was actually based on the Iron Rhinox.