[Archive] The Impious Tanner, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr


[align=center]The Impious Tanner, by Uhr-Kulmbizharr[/align]

Once upon a time, there was a tanner who was unobservant of the decrees of his Sorcerer-Prophet liege. It had been dictated that waste from holy creatures such as a Tauruses or Bull Centaurs could not be used to lime and bate hides from lowly slaves and mere beasts. Yet still the tanner did not take heed of this decree.

One day, the tanner received an abundant shipment of waste from the Temple’s Bull Centaur stables, yet had no valuable hides to cure with this valuable stuff. The impious tanner figured that no one would find out, and proceeded to lime lowly Orc hides by soaking them in Bull Centaur urine, and then bated lowly Orc Hides with Bull Centaur dung. The bating was done by pounding the dung into the skin to soften the hide.

High Hashut took notice of this transgression of holy law as ordained by His Sorcerer-Prophet, and punished the tanner by invigorating the Orc hides with strength and malignant purpose. The skins then rose in unison, wrestled the impious tanner to the ground and slowly limed and bated him to death with the defiled Bull Centaur waste. Some time afterward, a leatherworker received a shipment of leather from the tannery. In amongst the stacks of green Orc leather, he found the hide of the deceased tanner. For such is the fate of those who would break against the sacred proscriptions of their profession.

- The Impious Tanner, by Daemonsmith Uhr-Kulmbizharr the Blind, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories during the foundation of Zharr-Naggrund


Nasty nasty way to go.

I really love that each of these has a (usually quite specific) lesson or edict within it, seeking to maintain the strata or structure of this violent society. They have a very uniquely dwarfish flavour too (albeit a malicious and punitive one!). I don’t think they’d transfer well to elvish culture, for example.


Nasty nasty way to go.

Wait til you hear about what happened to his brother the fuller. ;P


@Roark: Thank you kindly! That’s the intended point of the stories, so I’m glad the collection of fables etcetera work out as intended. :slight_smile:

Besides, the thought behind the CD culture project, was to explore one little niche of the Chaos Dwarf world at a time, and carve out ever more details and ideas as you go along writing. Then you can build upon what’s been done before (both by you, others and GW/FW) to flesh out more details for more fluff. One step at a time. Start simple with children songs, and work your way up from there.

@Dînadan: Haha, now that’s a story to chill the bones.