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My force is themed around the mad deamonsmiths of Gorgoth and a bet with the master of Uzkulak that they could craft better ships than he.  Thus was born my naval invasion force from the Tower of Gorgoth.

‘But Gorgoth isn’t on the River Ruin?’ I hear you say…

Well who needs to be river adjacent when your ships can walk on land as well as travel under the waves!! Mwuahhhhh!

So my force will be taking on an increasingly maritime feel as it is collected and built, especially once I start adding the seagoing warmachines that have appeared in my fevered mind like the Terrasa Azul (deamoneaters) or ironclad river trolls (inferno golems), or even the mighty battleship/walker Malak Azul somewhere down the line. (these ideas are mine! hands off;P)

Right, well here is what I have so far, its not much but its a start…

Oh, and apologies on the picture quality, its the best I was able to do on the camera.


My warriors


My Deathrockets


Unfortunately I can’t find the good pic of my Deamonsmiths, so this will have to suffice (they are the guy holding the obsidian ball and the engineer with the powerclaw)


I love to concept, I’m now thinking of a pirate ship with legs for a Kolossus.


Like Kered said this is a great concept, and i am looking forward to seeing how the army takes shape, also great work on the models that you have done, i really like the banner head looks great :slight_smile:


Great start, good looking crew… now where is the fleet???


Thanks for the replies guys!

@dncswlf yeah its not very nautical yet, I’ll finish this unit of warriors (once I get more Skele heads from my friend) and then start on some warriors with spears/billhooks before I get onto the ships and stuff.  

I’ll post up some of my design sketches for the ships soon.

Yar :yar

Pyro Stick:

A cool idea to use would be to put planks/metal plate on their bases like they are on a ship and to make things like masts/smoke stacks as unit fillers.