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Kera foehunter:

what about the saber cat in the ogre hunter are real close minus the head of the lammasu

and the lammasu a little thicker in the chest


"Lammasu and Shedu are two distinct types of good-aligned creatures in the role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons."

WHAT!! :open_mouth: A Lammasu serving good?!?!? Blasphemy!

The manticore or pegasus are probablly the two best options for the lammasu


The lions however ARE about the exact same size as the original Lammasu.

So we should definitely maybe use them.

Kera foehunter:

what he meant to say Agpo !!!That he is serving rum to the good paying customer !!


The lions however ARE about the exact same size as the original Lammasu.

So we should definitely maybe use them.

Yeah, what he said.


Always thought that a Lion with eagle wings jumbing of a rock would be the perfect mount for my Sorcerer on Lammasu - so I would definitely like to see someones take on this: ‘elf lion -> Lammasu’ - conversion.


I cut up the lion ages ago to convert to a Lammasu. I stopped 'cos I felt he was turning out a bit small.

Maybe in length he is as big as the original Lammasu but in height and buff-iness (?) I would say much smaller.

Just for info; I used wings from a Vampire Counts Nightmare thingy, they fit very well!

I might continue on the piece one day and use him as baby Lammasu! :wink:


I like the eagle winged lion idea a lot - and cant find arguments for a giant lion.

Like these:

Sorry Ghrask D - had to share this last one :rolleyes:

So could you - by any chance - post pictures of you WIPs? and for scale purpose in comparison with a regular dwarf/chaos dwarf - so I can see before investing in another useless Elven boxset?

* EDIT (found what I were looking for and then anothor of those darn 404s)

Seeing it used as mount for an elven character - like here:


Still makes me think - that it could work!


Filipicusius Wrote:

"The Sumerian word lama, which is rendered in Akkadian as lamassu, refers to a beneficient protective female deity."

Bearded cow-ladies? Shudder


you are partly right; lama is a female deity, and there is an akkadian word lamassu(m) which translates into life power;

our lamassu on the other hand, is a sumerian term, and translates “human headed bull colossus”; the akkadians rendered it to lamamahhu.


I could be wrong, but I really don’t see how the elf lions are any smaller than the old big hat lammasu model… The head is much smaller, that’s a given… but I would make a new head anyway. I could see the legs might be shorter… but if that’s the case, bare legs are EASILY extended with greenstuff and wire (see: my goblin wolfrider turned ‘hobgoblin’ wolfrider by lengthening legs and body slightly with wire and greenstuff)

I will definitely be buying a high elf chariot soon, to make my lammasu… I have some Lord Of Change wings that I will probably use, as they represent the original Lammasu statue wings more than dragon-style reptilian wings.

The head will be made from an old Rackham “flattened goblin” standard flag top… Gonna add mustache and beard of course (won’t look at all like a flag anymore).

We’ll see how it turns out.

I’m thinking of making a second Great Taurus with the 2nd lion body… maybe sculpting the head from scratch, and sculpting on hooves.

Anyone ever think to make a giant mutated Bull Centaur Lord with the body of a thickened ‘great stag’ & upper torso and head of an Ogre (convert the face to look just like a huge chaos dwarf)? I wanna do this one day. It would be the most badass Bull Centaur lord, i think.



Don’t recall that Reckham standard top - but I’m looking forward to see what you come up with. Keep us posted!


Thanks for the links there Clam, excellent stuff there.


My idea? Its a Bull that just came to close to warpstone, and a sorcerer was fascinated by it, thus taming it. Problem solved, ehh? :cheers

I play skaven alot, so if i dont know somthing about a creature, the assumption will be it came too close to Warp-Stone.



Oh, btw… Where can i find the rules for the Kolossus? Its driving me insane!!!

Thommy H:

There are no rules for the Kolossus.

And while Cornixt is right to point out that the origin of the creature is hearsay and rumour, it’s certainly safe to say that it’s a mutation of the Great Taurus, not just a bull that got mutated.