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hi all, i’m new here as you might guess, and i wish to showcase my slow army progress. i have always wanted to do a CD army, but never got into the groove before seeing Xanders guides on youtube (don’t ask, if you really wanted to know, i was watching the “this is sparta!” remix vid and got bored and typed in tutorials.)

although i am not using Xanders technigue exactly for my warriors, i am working on my own style. anyways, i thought i’d show you WIP pics of my 1rst of ten blunderbussers.


dry fit blunderbusser on base

blunderbuss (shield technique)

hope you like them!


once i have updated the thread with my general painted, i would like him to be Xanderfied into and avatar please and thank you included.

also, my army list for 500 pts (gunline)

chaos dwarf sorcerer xinthos, level two, no equipment.

100 pts

2 units of ten blunderbussers

220 pts

17 miner slaves (hobbo’s with shields)

51 pts

3 of xinthos’ pit fighters (3 dogs of war ogre bulls, light armor, ironfists)

129 pts

500 pts

the reason for the sorcerer is to provide some low level dirt cheap spells to weaken the enemy before they get into range of blunderbussers which will open up. once that happens, blunderbussers will hold up the enemy by hopefully charging, and allowing the bulls and hobbos to smash into flanks in a pincer manouver. thoughts on the list and pictures are most welcome.


Hi there lord-blackheart, welcome to the forums:cheers

Not much to see on that dwarf just yet but it looks like your on the right track.

As for the list: why not make it a lv. two sorcerer, that way you’re not bumped if you roll the wrong spell and have the potential to cast off two spells in one turn. Just drop a few slaves, plus you have five points to spare so you can add another slave for that!

I’d also take a warrior unit instead of those ogres but that’s just me :slight_smile:




thanks korbaf. i have yet to get greenstuff (probably tomorrow) but i’m working on it. i’ve re-done the list to fit your suggestions.


i’ve preped another two guys for greenstuff. one of them has a banner made from the thunderer set and a wierd horned chaos icon thingy i got with a bitz pack.

King kurgan redbeard surveyed the field below the battlements of his hold. Is was covered in black, the armored bodies of the dwarves despised counterparts, the chaos dwarves. Suddenly a runner was beside him, panting for breath.

�?oWhat is it, bearding?�?� kurgan said.

�?oMilord, scouts report that the dawi zarr are readying an earthshaker battery, numbering at one hundred from recent reports. Should I tell the gyrocopter captain to strafe them?�?� said the runner, recovering enough to speak.

�?oYes, go now, and run with the speed of the ancestors.�?� Replied kurgan.

Suddenly a monstrous roar enveloped the two dwarves, before the beast that uttered it manifested itself on the battlements. The creature was huge, its face, if something like that could have a face, resembled a chaos dwarf, but the most disturbing thing was the beasts rider. It, for what gender it could be kurgan new not, was dwarven in shape and stature, but it was seemingly made of molten rock, its beard a gout of flame. The young runner recoiled at the sheer blackness of this monstrosity. Then it spoke.

�?oI am Arkhanos blackheart, sorcerer high of hashut, god to the dawi zarr. I have come back from my entombment to slaughter in his name, and you will all die. Lay down your arms and become slaves to my will or die.�?�

�?oYou come to parlay do you? I tell you this, no dwarf has ever taken a backwards step against your kind, and my hold will not tarnish the honor of the dwarven people, meet me in combat and you shall face the dwarves of this karak and tremble.�?� Replied kurgan.

�?oSo be it, you die.�?� Said the rider, his steed kicking off back towards its own line.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome! All I can say about the greenstuffing is that you just have to go for it, take your time (but not so much that it dries), be careful and learn from mistakes. Don’t be afraid to try something new, test on unwanted models if you’re scared fo wasting them. As for the tactics, you might need more than a bog-standard 10 BB unit to hold a charge, even with stand&shoot and LD10 from the sorcerer. They only have heavy armour, bear in mind., so take a musician at least (dropping slaves to do so). The slaves seem to be more of a point filler than anything because they are a fodder unit ordinarily, so they don’t do much damage and without several ranks and full command, could well break. Be wary that your sorcerer is likely to get into combat as well. It might be wise to remove the ogres so that you can have a solid anvil unit of warriors, add a few command and some slaves and keep your sorcerer better protected. But, it does look like it has the potential to best enemies before they get in too close for comfort…

The fluff looks good :smiley: I’d like to see a bit of fluff about the army in its current state, maybe something about how he’s only just been released from that entombment you mentioned and this is the beginnings of what will be a grand army, despite his current need for the hired muscle or maybe that he drew on a past alliance or something for the ogres. Go wild :smiley:


trust me i will, i just went writer for a minute yesterday thats all.

been doing some work on my cd’s in between other things (contest entries on 40k terra)

i have a total of five CD BB’S preped for greenstuff (my buying of which is severly delayed because of a trip with latin club.) pics will be up soon.

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