[Archive] The Living Tome of Makhorth (Scribe IV Contest Entry)


The Living Tome of Makhorth (Scribe IV Contest Entry)

The drilling into the hidden compartment triggered a blast that swiped clean all the slaves of the lower forges of Zharr-Krong-Uhl.

�?~Suits them fine!�?T Kharzull mumbled, while staring at the new found artefacts.

�?~These are far too important for the eyes of green scum!�?T he continued.

It was not the first time a chamber was discovered, but this time something surpassed all riches found before:

a metallic slab shaped artefact, where fiery runes of ancient origin kept burning and twisting right before their eyes.

�?~The living tome of Makhorth The Possessed!�?T pointed Kharzull in awe!

�?~Notice how these runes shift and change form as we speak!�?T.

Even for Kharzull - master crafter and scholar - the translation of such old runes was not easy,

but if tales told truth, not only it contained Makhorth prophesies but these would also shift their sayings,

in response to actions taken in the present.

�?~Quickly, take note of all I translate!�?T bellowed Kharzull to his second.

And thus the foretelling of the great war to be, started to take shape�?�

�?oAs yet before, again shall be

Reborn from fire to be free

Thy time draws near Dawi Zharr

To trust allies reopen scar�?��?�


Very good entry, I like it a lot! It captures the mystical part of the Dawi Zharr on several levels. Hope to see more of your work in future bouts of SC for sure. :slight_smile: