[Archive] The Main Website Project


Project Name: The Main Website Project

Project Leaders: Xander

Project Goal: To select premium and exemplary content from the forum and showcase it on the main section of the website.

Xander’s Notes

Currently, all three Administrators have FTP access to the site, but I am the most web savvy and thus normally do most of the updating and upgrading. Which is fine, I am sure Beaver doesn’t even want to touch that stuff. :stuck_out_tongue: I figured having a Project topic for this would be a good way to show off what is going on behind the scenes for the Main Site.

As it stands, the site has three main sections for content, the Picture Gallery, Hobby Guides, and the Painting Contests.

The Picture Gallery currently has only Army Showcases. In time this will include one-off conversions of exemplary nature: Golden Demon winners or entries, for example.

The Hobby Guides section will have in-depth guides for converting or painting. The only guide currently is my set of 4 videos for converting BFSP Dwarfs into Chaos Dwarfs. I hope to add more detail to this article and flesh it out with more pictures. I also intend to write up other guides including a Hobgoblin guide and perhaps a (oooh, taboo!) green-stuff molding guide.

The Painting Contests section will showcase our Golden Hat contests, pretty straight forward… we are working on a 3rd one of these already.

Expanding on that, the site will also house any projects that the staff deems worthy. If the Chaos Dwarf Magazine Project looks good, and I think it will, I will add a section for that on the main site.

Other than that, I will make posts when I have things in the works. If anyone wants to contribute anything to the Main site, make a post of the content you wish to have on the main site. A guide, or gallery image. I think Grim has a post at HoH about Golden Demon Chaos Dwarf entries… I will have to dig that up and add them to the site.

:hat off





Thanks Grim. I have organized them and will make a page for them shortly.