[Archive] The March Hare-My first Tournement


Today was my first tournement. In my local area theirs a fantasy tournement called the March Hare. Here my empire list I took.

Lord: Templar Grand Master, Holy Relic, Laurels of Victory, Great weapon

Hero: Warrior Priest, great weapon, Icon of Magnus, Armour of Meteorice Iron

Hero: Battle Wizard, extra level, 2 dispell scrolls

Hero: Battle Wizard, extra level, Rod of power

Core: 24 Swordsmen, Full Command

Detachment: 9 Halbediers

Detachment: 5 Handgunners

Core: 10 Handgunners, Marksmen with Hochland Longrifle

Core: 10 Crossbowmen

Core: 5 Knightly Orders

Core: 5 Knightly Orders

Special: 9 Inner Circle knightly Orders, Great Weapons, Full Command

Special: 23 Greatswords, Full Command

Special: 5 Pistoleirs

Special: Great Cannon

Rare: Helblaster Volley Gun

Rare: Helstorm Rocket Battery

Here’s the army shot.

So I woke up at the but crack of dawn to go.

Here’s a buddy paintng before the tournement began.

And here’s the old fogy who ran it Russ Barns.

And some shots I was able to take of some of the armies.

When everybody was signed in their were 26 people playing. And with everybody signed in we played our first game.

Game #1

My first apponent was a jolley Orc and Goblin player with Grimgor in his army. I was an idiot and charged my inner circle knights into them and lost. The rest of the game didn’t go well for me. I did happen to kill his giant with crossbows and a unit of handgunners in one turn though. In the end it was a lose for me.

After that game it was launch time.

Mmmmm… Fooooood…

And the old fogy at work.

After launch we played our second game.

Game #2

My next apponent was an army guy with Vampires. This went totaly south real quick. My units ran willy nilly and he had a tone of blood knights. Another lose.

With two loses under my belt I wasn’t to happy but we had one more game to go.

Game #3

My last apponnent was a brettonian player. This was a very challenging game but was very fun. He tried to flank me with pegasus kights but my helblaster and pistoliers made short work of them. My inner circle knights were unfortunetly pinned down in combat with knights errant until th end of the game. But I did cut one of his knights of the realm and grail knights under three fourths of their units thx to the helblaster and the spell rule of burnning iron. In the end it was a tie.

In the end I had 0 wins, 1 tie, and 2 losses. Thought it would be worse. When Russ counted up the battle points I wasn’t dead last but I got 19 out of 26 players. Next time I plan to do another army other then Empire. Either Lizardmen, Warriors of Chaos, or Dwarfs. Anyway had a fairly fun time and I can’t waitto play next year.

Anyway I will have more stuff up a little later this week.


Impressive Giant Troll.

Kera foehunter:

wow pizza, donuts and m & m s ( i see alot of green one he he )

you guys must be king to eat that well!!!

i like the giant troll to


Kudos to you for taking such a fluffy list, the army looks awesome laid out, like a proper army should look! :cheers

That 3 Stegadon one looks a bit dirty :~



A toast to your first tournament! You also took Empire my first army and one that is still close to my heart!

Chaos Dwarfs might be a good choice for the next tournament. :wink:


Thx guys.

The troll is counted as a gaint.

Actually the three stegadons weren’t very hard to beat apperently. Just had to charge them first before they charged you.

@Swissdictator: I personally would have taken another army with less units. It’s note that I don’t like empire, I just have a hard time placing and manuvering all those troops.

The next time i’meither going Lizardmen or Warriors of Chaos. Although chaos dwarfs would be fun I know Russ wouldn’t allow it.

Kera foehunter:

well thanks for sharing dino