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Lord Archaon:

GW is made a modular map for the upcoming Nemesis Crown campaign.
The Mighty Empire
I’d bought one if it would be painted.:slight_smile:
What are your thoughts about it?


I didn’t get mighty empires first time round, could be interesting. The idea of it being unpainted is that you can paint it to resemble whatever regions you like - there’s not much point getting a map which is painted to resemble the mid-empire when you play with a Khemri army

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would like to be able to buy a smaller number of tiles personally.I would like to do a map-based campaign and this makes it easier, but I would find that 90 tiles is far too many. However, at 33 pence a tile, it is VERY good value for GW.


I would find that 90 tiles is far too many.

Hashut's Blessing
I don't think it's 90 TILES, I think it's 90 TILE OPTIONS (i.e. 90 different ways that the tiles can be used to make a map).
I think the actual number of physical tiles in the box is less than 90.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It IS a little ambiguous really. It says “The plastic map tiles are extremely versatile and with the exception of the mountain tiles all the tiles are double-sided. This gives a staggering 90 tile options per kit.” Maybe it’s 45 tiles then? Or 35 double sided and 20 mountains. heck, I don’t know…


I heard there would be 48 (may not be exactly right) tiles per box, plus the exclusive ones they are giving away with WD. The tiles are double sided, so that is probably what they mean by 90 possibilities.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yeah, makes sense. I think it would be 48 if you include the exclusive ones with WD. And what source says you get some freebies? (Any idea how many?)


Yes, 40 something makes more sense.

Saying that there is 90 or so tile options is apretty damned sneaky way of marketing the product, though.

I wonder how many people will be buying it expecting 90 actual tiles…


Yeah, makes sense. I think it would be 48 if you include the exclusive ones with WD. And what source says you get some freebies? (Any idea how many?)

Hashut's Blessing
That's probably right. I think I read that it would be two with WD, possibly on Warseer. I'll see what I can dig up.

Edit: Found it. It's in the second issue of the Watchman, in the rumours section, here. Go to the sixth page of the PDF.

Lord Zarkov:

looking at the pic on the online store (where 40 regular and 7 mountain are shown) my guess would be 50, 40 normal and 10 mountain; giving 90 sides overall

Hashut’s Blessing:

There are 48 tiles in the tile set and 2 in WD with an Orc Totem.

The following is from the aforementioned Watchman.

Mighty Empires

The box will include a rulebook and 48 ‘hex’ sprues. (Made by Mark Jones)

It seems the rulebook that comes with the hexes is just a simple campaign system.

However, all my hopes and dreams for something

akin to the Generals compendium have not been dashed completely as rumours still persist of something bigger and better. I am thinking maybe they have written rules for them to work as both a stand alone game (like the original), a campaign supplement for Warhammer Fantasy

Battle and something more along the lines of The Generals Compendium as I described last time which makes use of the same tiles. I can’t quite make sense of the different rumours I have heard but I am more excited about the possibilities of this development than almost anything.

These hexes are bigger than you might be expecting (if you know the original game). The original tiles were only about 4-5cm across. I am informed that these are bigger, about the “size of a titan base”.

There are generic accessory sprues that come in the box with the tiles (cities, villages, etc). However, in addition to these each army will be getting a specific sprue with “race specific” features

released separately.

There will be a “sample sprue” with two hexes, a tower, and an Orc totem given away free on the front of a White Dwarf issue.


I don’t really have enough room to keep a campaign map out on my desk or something. What would be great is if someone made an online map builder with the tiles much like the giant or empire general builder on the GW online store. Simply drag and drop the tiles into place to make the map you want, then print it off. I don’t know how to do this type of thing but maybe someone could have a go.

Traitor King:

Ahhh, but AGPO if GW did this they woulndt profit from it. If they sell the tiles to people they will. Stupid money grabbing company grumbles


Who said I was talking about GW :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

You could go onto MS Paint or something, make a load of tiles yourself, then, when you wanted a map for a campaign, print them off yourself. (Save the files for future use!)


I found an execellent campaign maker that allowed you do do that, it was all free. Can’t remember what it was called though. It had hundreds of different options for tiles.