[Archive] The Movie Thread


here are some instances where i thought “wow, thats right out of warhammer” or "they look like soandso…"

Pathfinder: vikings were chaos dwarves, indians were woodelves

King Arthur: brettonians vs Crom the Conquerer’s army

Underworld Evolution: the vampires in the past looked like dark elves in their armor and crossbows, marcus was an obvious strigoi vampire

Devil’s Rejects: opening scene the firefly family looks very much like black orcs

Reign of Fire: dwarves or Empire trapped by dragons(possibly giant’s causeway scenario from shadows of albion)

300: the immortals looked like chaos undivided warriors with 2xhand weapons, the grenadiers looked like chaos dwarf mages, and xerxes’s ambassitor(not the black guy, the one on the palanaquin with a whip) looked like a chaos dwarf slaver

im sure i can think of more if i try.

post your own thoughts!