[Archive] The Obsidian Forge. [update:28-06-2011 GH15 Warrior]


I guess it was time for me to have a blog and seeing as I’m out of GH8 it’s a good time as any to start now.

I’ll start with my entry for GH8. I decided to do an Earthshaker  with a Daemonic twist. As you can see on the following pics the ‘beast’ is mostly scratchbuild and sculpted.

Wip stages: (sorry for the bad pics, they were taken with my cellphone!)

And the crew wips:

Concept scribble for the crew:

And painted:

Thanks to my crappy photo taking abilities the subtle blendings don't show on the pics, when I have a new cam and learn to take good pics I'll take new ones and post them. :rolleyes:

And what I'm working on now:

Chaos dwarf Hero:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Amazing! Innovative and beautifully executed. Thanks for sharing, stuff like this is really inspirational!


Amazing work, the level of detail is excellent, cant wait to see some more soon :slight_smile:


I really liked this one. I could never entirely place my finger on why, there was just a cool factor about it. The crew looks great, the machine diabolical.

Very nice work all around. :cheers

Kera foehunter:

that look great obsidian !! you did a great job !! i love your warmachine


I did like this one very much. Sadly I couldn’t vote for it since we were restricted to only 5 but I still think this one is one of the coolest ideas!

there really should have been another voting for “idea” not only one general voting :frowning:

great job

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I really liked this entry. It reminded me of the Ray Harryhausen movies like 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Jason and the Argonaughts and Clash of the Titians.

It was in my top 5 votes!


waiting to see stuff painted :slight_smile:

will the champion be a part of bigger project or it’s just a single character?


Great work, love the WIP pics… Too bad you didnt make it to the final, I voted for the canon! :wink:


Great sculpting :hat off ,i particularily like the look of the crew mixing the industrial and the demonic engine

But oh no! your hero has lost his hat :o seeing your sculpting tho i bet you have a masterpiece of headgear to replace it.He is looking mighty fine already :hat off


Obsidian, this model is gorgeous. Plain and simple. And your crew conversions are fantastic! I was really choked that you didn’t make it into the top 10. In my opinion, yours is at least top three. Those other folks just don’t have any good taste! :wink:


Great, cool and innovative cannon!!! :hat off

Nothing more to say!!! :slight_smile:



Have told you a few times during the process of making this daemonic beast, how cool I think this it is. And the Chaos Dwarf crew is … stunning :smiley: You entry was my personal favorite no. 1 - and I would really have loved seeing this victorious.

You did a awesome paintjob - all-in-all - and the beast has a very unique metallic look - not seen before :hat off

- but it’s when looking at the small details/thing’s - that your really talent shows - and show us all how gifted a painter you are

It’s things like the visor on the gas mask dwarf, the gems at the beast and the fire on the torch - really hope you’ll be able to teach me how to paint like that - one day :wink:

You really have put a lot of energy into this one - and I’m so sad to see that my/our vote(s) wasn’t enough.

So like Kahn!: ‘Those other folks just don’t have any good taste!’ :wink:

Please keep up the good work. And I will look forward to what ever The Obsidian Forge will bring :smiley: But first, finish that hero with axe 1-conversion, please :wink:


Thanks for all the kind replies! :hat off

@Clam and Khan!: you get extra cookies! :cheers

The Chaos Dwarf hero got legs and the start of a cloak now.

I wondered if it would be cool if he is holding part of the cloak in his left hand? Sort of wrapping it around him a bit?


This is a good take on a demonic warmachine - almost reminds me of the rare unreleased cannon. It is all great but the painting on the visor/ gas mask of the crewman is epic - espically as its on a fantasy not a 40k model where you usually see this sort of effect


Thanks Ubertechie, I was very satisfied with the visor, I’ll try to take a better pics as because of the shadow you hardly see it.

By the way, I found a nifty trick! (new for me!) If you want to see the pics from more up close (bigger) just hold Ctrl and use your mouse scroll. I really blows up the pics without losing detail or getting blurry! :cheers

Ishkur Cinderhat:

That is a great conversion, a totally new take on warmachine style and it really stood out of the entries into GH8. The chaos space marine helmet works great with the CD hero, I’m looking forward to witness this guy’s further development! :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

so how did you come up with this idea Obisidian ?


Really nice detail. It reminds me of the old siege cannon.

Jubai Jones:

That is indeed som highly detailed sculptwork there, nice one mate!

Reminds me of the 3rd. ed. CD Mortar I think it is. It Must be that mouth :slight_smile: the crewmembers are great as well!