[Archive] The One Hundred and Forty-Fourth Commandment of Hashut


- the one hundred and forty-fourth of the one hundred and forty-four bronze tablets in the Temple of Hashut atop Mingol Zharr-Naggrund is blank.  It bears no mark on its surface, nor can any make one, save for the twelve handprints of the Twelve Fathers in their own blood that each of the tablets bear.  Legend holds that Hashut will return and reveal the commandment at the Time of Ending, sealing the doom of the Dawi Zharr.  Over the millennia, more than a few Sorcerer-Prophets have claimed to have been revealed the Commandment, but when each has set chisel to the tablet to engrave it the tablet has been left unmarred and the Prophet in question has been shackled in chains and thrown into the fire that heats the Great Bull Statue in offering to Hashut for his impudence.


The One Hundred and Forty-Third Commandment:


Clever one. This is already one of my favourites.


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The most eloquent one no doubt.

Your background is fascinating. You give the CD a lot of character with only a few texts and tablets.

More than many supported armies.

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