[Archive] The passing of Alan Bligh


Alan Bligh, author of the Tamurkhan book (which includes the Chaos Dwarf Legion of Azgorh) passed away on May 26th, 2017, after a brief battle with cancer. The Warhammer Community announcement is here.

He wrote lots while working with GW/FW. His Horus Heresy collection is still quite popular with the 40K crowd.


i’ve been meaning to read his Arkham horror novels.

What a shame.


So sad, his contribution to gaming will be missed :frowning:


Sad news indeed.

I wonder if he left his DNA in his signature in my copy of Tamurkhan?


Damn this is a shame. He was a great author.


He was a true artist, an original creator and his writing has the highest level among game background texts overall.

His work is one of the reasons for the big success of the products he had participated.

Not at least he seemed to be a very warm and nice person.

A big loss.



A great loss in every sense. I greatly admired his work, and his creativity often spurred my own into working out my wargaming projects.

I had just started to explore the Badab War and settled on an Executioners chapter force when the news hit me on the jaw. Later I also recalled he also pushed the Chaos Dwarfs forward in the helm/mask/big hat in a great and official way.

He will be missed, I can only imagine all sorts of goodness he had in store for us, his fans.


This is a true loss. Such talent!


I know he wrote a lot more than could fit in the Tamurkhan book.  I forget the exact details, but it was certainly in rough form enough for a chunk of another book.

For the benefit of those who are not yet Immortals here, I’ve drafted a letter I intend to send to FW shortly on behalf of our community.

As the longest members here I’ll get those guys to proof it first etc, and the staff to approve.  Then post it here.

But I would encourage anyone who feels inclined to write to FW and share your happy thoughts on the book and how it’s inspired you.


Sent earlier:

Dear Forge World team and to those whom it may concern;

I am writing this letter on behalf of the staff and members of the Chaos Dwarfs Online forum. We provide an online community where thousands of Chaos Dwarf fans from around the world can gather and share their love and passion for the hobby and this rather odd fascination with evil bearded dwarfs.

We, like many around the world, were deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Alan Bligh. As the author of the Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos book, his inimical writing style and brilliance with words has inspired countless fans over the years to open their minds to the fantasy world of their favourite race.

Alan brought a great depth of character for the race in his writing, combining the esoteric character of the old with the daemonic, and blending these aspects into a great story in a vivid and provoking way and in a manner that had not been seen before in publication. To delve so deeply and richly into this work he was passionate about also brought to us as a forum a whole new focus to all our efforts. We feel without his instrumental role in breathing new life into the Chaos Dwarfs our community would not have enjoyed the strong resurgence it has experienced in the past few years.

I know many, like myself, have spent countless enjoyable hours reading his work and hold them now as testament to a fine writer. As I�?Tm sure many thousands of Imperial Armour and Horus Heresy fans will also be doing.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Alan on a couple of occasions and always found him to be positively buzzing with infectious enthusiasm about his part in the Forge World books. These encounters definitely left me with a sense of how passionate he must have been every day.

Whilst in the whole scheme of things our appreciation of his work is but a small thing, I think it would give him joy to live on in the memories of the countless numbers of fans of his work and the indelible mark he has left on the hobby will resonate for years to come.

Our greatest and most sincere condolences go to his family, friends, as well as the team at Forge World. He will be greatly missed.

Kind regards


I’ve tried (and failed) to find a list of all his works and contributions. I know he’s done so much over the years, does anyone know of such a list?