[Archive] The pet thread


Place pictures of your pet here.

I’ll start here is a picture of my Golden Retriever Teddy


ooooh, good idea! when I get home I"m putting up some pics of my animals! :slight_smile:

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i’ll get pic’s of my dog soon

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’d help if I had a dog… Nice bear though!



awwwwwww. I love animals! <3

here is a pic of my puppy, Shadow:

and one of my cats, Pharoah (I will have to get a picture of his brother, Boots):

I love them to bits!

Kera foehunter:

well here are my sweet baby’s  wiskers and storm and autumn

i have a male  cat name scarface not in the picture


I can’t find a picture of my gf; but when I do, I’ll be sure to post it.


What the hell is with all the damn cats???


Clearly not enough dogs around to hunt them Wilmark! I used to keep chickens, sadly my pekin bantam died recently. All that now remains is the large scar on the nose of the labrador she took on in a fight and drove off!


hens and roosters are scary. O_O

Kera… you’re not going to become a crazy cat lady, are you!? =S

cats are adorable! but puppies more so! n_n the benefit to cats over dogs is the independence. Dogs you need to return home for to walk them, cats use a litterbox.

oh, and here’s my baby… Boots! (also affectionately called Bootsie or Turkey legs, lol)


Of course the benefit of dogs is the companionship.

Makes me think of a funny line: “…and no, your cat isn’t just like a dog/different, its just like every other cat”.


I’m lucky… Shadow is highly companionable (he got his name for a reason). and he’s just so cute! right Xander!? n_n one big adorable puppy.

but our cats are also highly affectionate and come when they’re called (I kid you not… however they come in hopes of food. heh) and they love sitting with us when we watch TV… Boots is particularly pushy, climbing onto your lap and if not enough attention is paid he will bump his head into yours and basically force some petting.


The irony of my previous statement seems to be lost.


no no… I get it. but seriously, my cats aren’t normal. the stories I could tell. but yes, I know many people say that.

THINK WHAT YOU WANT WILLMARK! bah! I’m still on your side about dogs being better. humph then you go all sarcastic and shiz. :stuck_out_tongue:



Here are my Chaos Hounds.  

I know my Avatar of Angus makes him look mean, but he sticks his nose as far out of his crate as he can and it scrunches up his face to make him look like he’s snarling.  This is him borrowing my goggles.

Then Walter the non-retrieving Golden Retriever…

And Mildred, the teeniest West Highland Terrier ever…

I just included this one because it always made me laugh.  Our three little bears all sleeping the same way…

Good to see German Shepherds too!  Our family always had German Shepherds, and my grandparents raised them as well, so I’m always very nostalgic about Shepherds.  :shy:


:stuck_out_tongue: glad you see it my way :wink:

Deeply scarred by the ex girlfriend who had 5 cats. 'nuff said


dogs ftw. I give ya Sir Taz the Devil.

Viskar Zhragoth:

Ok, here is the family dog…Liberty. A Golden, of course!


This is the three cats: Orange tabby - Tigger (yes, he’s like garfield, even likes spaghetti and he is 20 lbs!)

Grey striped cat is Max (short for Maximillian). he basically thinks he is a dog.

Black and white is the kitty of the bunch - Aramis - and he joined us after spending a Michigan Winter under my mom’s deck. (took three months of feeding before he would let us touch him.)


And this is our local minor league mascot, Lou E. Loon. I work for an official sponsor so I’ve shot videos of him, know the guys who play him, and consider him to be like a pet of ours (I see hime enough :wink: )

And he is the only team mascot to ever ride in my van. (that is my boss by him)[attachment=590][attachment=591]


omg Wiz… I dont usually like small dogs, but THAT is an adorable Yorkie.

so Willmark, when you say “deeply scarred” were you actually “deeply scarred”? did you try bathing the cats or something!? hahaha