[Archive] The pet thread


By her. Her cats are like the bad memory.


omg Wiz... I dont usually like small dogs, but THAT is an adorable Yorkie.

best part is he knows it. when going for walks if we pass by anyone he will sit down and wait for them to pet him (if they try to ignore him he chases them).


this is my hound again last night… she decided she wanted my nachos so gave me the puppy dog eyes… she fogets she hasnt been a puppy for over 2 years!


don’t worry superfella… that’s totally a puppy. my puppy is over 10 years old and 95lbs. :wink: still a puppy!!!


Haha. Don’t let your dog near tams Sojourn. Ask her what happened in China! lol

Kera foehunter:

HEY WHAT DO YOU MEAN (CRAZY )cat lady sojorn hahahah i still have 3 outdoorcat too

iam a cat person  cat people are independent smart and sly clever and we don’t run in packs

don’t need people around us we can surrive by are selfs. did i forget we are cute too.


lol - I’m just watching out for you Kera! very convincing argument though… I just mean, embrace people as well as cats.

Kera foehunter:

i do hang out with the local boys nudge nudge know what a mean.