[Archive] The Pledge 2009


As some may have seen on TWF, I’ve started up the pledge again for 2009. It generated a lot of interest of there, so I thought I’d see if anybody on here’s interested too.

Basically, you keep a tally (usually in your sig) of models bought against models painted throughout the year. The aim being to paint more than you buy, and overcome the gamer’s curse of ‘‘Ooooh, shiny!’’

I put some guidelines up on TWF too, so here they are again for all of you guys:

Rightio, I’m gonna take a stab at some ‘guidelines’ for the pledge.

The main rule is to count how you see fit, be it individual models or total unit strength. I recommend following Avian’s suggestion, as buying a tank isn’t really balanced by painting a goblin.

I’d say that:

Cavalry/bikes count as 2

Tanks/Dragons/Giants etc. count as 6

Swarms count as 1 per swarm

Epic/ FoW count as 1 per base of troops

For large scenery, just use your judgement.

As long as the same numbers are stuck to for the Bought and Painted tallys, then there’s no real problem what you count each one as.

The bought models count should really be models gained. This would take into account selling + trading too. I’d suggest that if you sell any models, they can be deducted from the bought total.

I think I’ve covered most questions, if not, ask away!
So, who’s in then?


I will lose. I’m HORRIBLE at being distracted by shiny things. and I like shopping. and…

…oh shiny! n.n


I should since I don’t paint nearly enough. I’ll see.


I’m in, I need something like this to keep me motivated. I might also have to add a section for Scratch sculpts started:finished

Pyro Stick:

This is going to be easy. I will probably buy less than 10 models this year and i will definately not paint less than that so im in cause i know i cant loose at it.

This reminds me. I should probably organise a painting marathon soon.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

With new LM soon to hit the self’s I really doubt I could do

I mean, I still got 1000’s of points to paint

But it still is a good idea and i think it would get a lot of attention

Kera foehunter:

i have to much not painted now!!!and i don’t see buy more sorry!!
and my Rum habit is take over my gw Expense account


I’m losing already because of advance orders!

Bought: 16

Painted: 1


Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, lets see:

Pyro, don’t for get to add the sides! :wink:

Hammerhand: I too am gonna get killed by preorders…I just had about 120 figs arrive today…and I have more on the way!

Maelzch: Sorry, I can’t take the pledge. --I know me-- …Though I’ll modify the pledge…I’m trying to paint and accomplish some things this year…so CDs (small force) done by Adepticon, Doing a SM army for 40k, Painting another army for fantasy (I know what it is right now- but hey shiny bits can change), More CDs, etc. My goal this year is to paint 1000 minis…this year…I guess I’ll have to change my sig now…and I already painted 3 last night, and 15 over the weekend…and 10 on New Years Day…Which I think puts me slightly ahead of my goal of painting just uner 3 figs a day for the year…

But as my friend will tell you…I’ll buy more than that…I always do…

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’ll go for this, but shall also add models made, as I know I shall build more (from ranomd pieces) than I shall buy and paint combined :stuck_out_tongue:


I am in. I had to add one for models built (modeled). I have a bunch of stuff up on ebay so I hope to come out negative on models this year.


I would join in, but I’m a realist: its just not going to happen. Like Hammerhand, I’m already behind due to the JanuWAAGHHHHHry releases.


I will try it, I just hope I won’t buy to much when the new beast of chaos arrive :stuck_out_tongue:


My goal this year is to paint 1000 minis....this year

Viskar Zhragoth
1000 minis in a year! Good luck to you friend! I didnt even manage 200 last year.


Should join in, if I knew it would stop me from buying new shiny thing and get me started painting my old stuff - but I’m realist too - and as GRNDL said it’s JANU-WAAAGH!-RY

And with this one on the horizon …

(- now how many models is that? :D)

I’m way behind - already

Viskar Zhragoth:

Maelzch: Notice I didn’t say painted beautifully :wink:

Though I got about 350-400 models done last year…I painted 2 complete armies and a bunch of extra figures…once you get going it is not that hard…I only have to paint 3 models a night after all…

though I only got 2 more done last night…