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yes, yes, i know. Getting sidetracked by yet another non-CD project. I guess the prospect of painting 40odd hobgoblins in arabic garb has thrown me off course. Non-the less, after seeing some old DOW miniatures (amazing perry sculpts) going for peanuts on ebay, how could i resist. Here’s the progress so far

The army is themed as the private guard of Lorenzo Lupo, the old DOW special character with a penchant for all things antique. Therefore, this army will be themed as from Luccini, following the standard heavy metal paintscheme of red, white and green (italian flag).

The Pikemen with filler (will have statue/pillar/fountain/or similar)

Their reworked champion (hated the old one, a rare miss in the range)

The cannon

Tester model of a marksmen of miragliano

A few of the DIY pikemen

and Bronzino (probably just a mounted captain in game terms)

Comments and Criticism awaited



Whoa! I just saw this army on Warseer. Cool, now I can follow your progress much more conveniently! Looking good.[/i]


not very often somebody picks one of the more southern countries to base an army around. the prospect is looking good, and the old style theme with the floor tiles and pillars is really cool.

the conversions look like they are coming along nicely, but if you can id try and sculpt some crests to their helmets. not a major thing but it would make them look less imperial and tie them into your theme more.

Kera foehunter:

Great paint job i like your man army the pike men are cool too

Father Grumpmas:

Excellent job on the champion conversion.

Looking forward to seeing more.


They look mediterranean all right.

Its nice to see a tilean / estalian support.

1 slave.


Cool beans!

The pikemen remind me of the Braveheart movieline: “We’ll make spears, twice as long as a man”

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Avanti Tilea! :slight_smile:


I’m glad to see some one using the southern countries as the base-core for an Empire Army :slight_smile:

Cool conversions work, I hope to see some “Knightly Order”.


Awesome stuff! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the kind words everybody. Whilst waiting for the pva to dry on some bases, i grabbed some wire, some bits and a blob of greenstuff and this is the result, i may use him as a paymaster on foot. After all, you can trust a halfling with the paychest, providing he’s well fed.

Soon as the bases are done i’ll post the painted rank of marksmen.



Well, finished basing them so here they are. Missing some details but i’ll paint them all up to a tabletop standard then go over the details i don’t like

Hope you like

Kera foehunter:

is there gold in that chest !!! nice pay master


Are you gone to use the pirazzo lost legion ??


That paymaster is genius. The homemade pikemen are a great money saving idea too.

Kera foehunter:

are you going to have body gaurdsfor your paymaster too al-hashut


Here he is after i added a key. Initially it was on a necklace but the torso looked too crowded. I’m thinking of adding a drumstick from a spare gnoblar to his side, like a sheath.


I’m liking the looks of things Al-Hashut. The difference in flavour from the regular Empire armies is refreshing. The Paymaster is a good sculpt too, but I have one question about him - is he a halfling or something? He’s got bare feet!!! :slight_smile:


@Ashur: No, i think parazzo’s legion has too much of an Estalian flavour to the miniatures (although, once again they are great perry sculpts)

@Kera: Hmm, that is tempting. I’ve always liked sculpting halflings since i modelled my own ratlings for my IG. Perhaps a hoplite halfling bodyguard…but with WS2 :frowning: I was thinking of just putting im with one of the pike blocks…or sculpt a crossbow armed paymaster should i put him with the marksmen. Any ideas spring to mind?

@GRNDL: Yes, he’s supposed to be a halfling. Though with the crest and paychest he stands about 28mm

Kera foehunter:

i like the hoplite halfling idea. or two big ogre like ganstas or hoplite black orcs