[Archive] The publicity drive project


As Willmark suggested, I’m moving this to the Project Development section, now that we have some firm ideas. The idea of this thread is to discuss how to go forward with these initiatives, and also to track the progress being made.

The Banner Initiative

These are going fairly well, I’ve started to see a few round the internet, especially on chaos star sites. I’d quite like to make a list of who has a banner on which site so we know where to direct our efforts. You can use the one Hashut’s Blessing has kindly provided, or else use the one from the top of the site.

COTEC: AGPO, Willmark, Xander


The Blog Initiative

Not such a high uptake here. Post or link to your own CD stuff on other sites. My signature on other sites links to my bloodbowl and Chaos dwarf blogs on this site, and I use my Chaos blog on COTEC to publicise this site when I can


The Sticker Initiative

Well I’ve made a start on this one by researching suppliers and cost. At the moment I’m undecided whether to go with artwork or plain text. I will make the sheets available for download once complete

The Flyer Initiative

See above. I’ve already got some initial designs but other people will no doubt provide more. Ideally I’d like a stash of designs available to site members to download for their own work, much like the pastafarians do

The WoH Awareness Drive

This seems to be taking care of itself already, but any chance you get to plug it will help the site

Please PM me if you post a banner, link to this site or see WoH publicised anywhere. It will help to know where we are being successful and where we need to step up our efforts


Couldn’t you just move the entire thread here?


I couldn’t, a mod might be able to. Besides this is more about putting the ideas into practice than a discussion thread. project development is a nice quiet area of the forum where we can mould and drive our master plans to fruition


Like pooling all available funds and buying GW? :hat off


That would of course be nice, buying GW…

Hashut’s Blessing:

AGPO, stick me on the banner initiative :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


HB: Sure thing, just tell me which sites you’ve got them in your signature for


Chaos Star Publicity signature:

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice work Xander! I was just wondering how you did that, will get around to this whole publicity thing now.