[Archive] The Red Green Clan, back to painting dwarfs


I’m here to start another log but this time includes dwarfs(no chaos dwarfs unfortunetly…don’t hurt me).

So here’s my army ready to be painted. Spent the whole weekend stripping paint and primming them.

The lot includes the following:

AOW Slayer that will be a daemon slayer

Converted dragon slayer

Two Runesmiths

20 dwarf warriors with sheilds

12 dwarf warriors with great weapons

14 thunderers

8 rangers

10 miners

cannon( the cannon itself needs some special basing)

17 Hammerers(poor mans style)

2 troll slayers

I’ll be adding more to this in the near future with things like bolt throwers, gyrocopters,  thanes, and fulling out some units more.

Now aas some of you can see their is a painted mini in the hammerers unit and he is the test mini for my new color scheme i’m using for my army. Here’s some close ups.

I really like him but i’d like to hear what you guys think of him.


not bad… try thinning down your paints a bit for the “kilt pattern”… perhaps do some over and under patterns.

Border Reiver:

plaids are very challenging to do on dwarfs, you really need to thin your paints down to make them look right.

Keep your stick on the ice, and if the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.


Nice crisp brush work

Kera foehunter:

i love that paint job dino its your best ever


@two_heads_talking: Thx man. But if truth be told i’m trying to get a plad shirt pattern then a kilt pattern.

@Border Reiver: I not know that. I guess you and two_heads_talking are right about this.

@Throne: Thx man.

@Kera foehunter: Thx Kera. Always happy to hear your approval.

Have kinda a small update.

Dwarf Warriors

Just started them today. And they’re of to a good start. I need to do the metal areas next.

Will have more updates soon.

Kera foehunter:

it a good start * Kera waits to see more*


Well wait no more Kera.

A small update for this.

Been working on this guy a day or two ago.

This dwarf is the start of my longbeards. I have another nine i’m be working on at the moment and will hopefully have pics of them up soon.

And now for somehting completly different. My dog with another dog.

One of my moms freinds dog Scooter(the black one) and my dog Ein(the corgi).

Will have another update in the next few days.

Kera foehunter:

The long beard need a mug of ale in his hand for a pose like that!!


Thx Kera.

Anyway here is another update on my dwarfs.


Have the reds done and starting the greens and brown leathers.


All GS work on these guys are done. I just need a few specific bitz to finish them up. I converted these guys to look like they’re drinking. Thought it would be funny. I’ll make more in a month or two.

Thats all for that. Will update later this week or next week.

Kera foehunter:

they look good !! maybe add a dwarf carrying a ogre rum barrow to the unit


I actually have two of those guys. They’re both in the back rank(the only place they’d fit).

Kera foehunter:

that a good place for them so they get killed last imo

Pyro Stick:

Being Scottish i always appreciate a bit of Tartan. I suggest you look around a bit and find a real pattern that suits your dwarfs instead of making one up. Maybe if you replaced the white with a bit of dark green.


@Kera foehunter: Very true, very true.

@Pyro Stick: Thx. And I actually did base it of a real pattern.

I’m gonna change what I’m painting for a bit but will get back into painitng the other warriors after I finish all of these guys.

This shouldn’t take long.