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And before I forget.  The vertical chessboard concept would definitely be a very cool way to display an army. Have to finish an army before I worry about how to display though :slight_smile:


And with the conclusion of Artisan’s XVIII, I submit for your perusal the latest piece for my army.  The model was made from bits of 6 different models: face and beard of a wizard, the steam armor torso of a pulp character, the legs and hair (flames above the head, and the legs chopped and added a few cut pieces for the fiery trunk at the base of the armor) of a sorceress (all Reaper Bones); additional pony tails from a hero clicks, and another bones model (the stack and arm flames), and the arms of a mage knight golem cut (as the destructive cutting implements), reposed, and pinned to the steam armor backpack.  Add to this a 7th model of a chopped up Russian Alternative figure for the broken Stone-bound sorcerer on the base.  

For conversion work, I have to say the bones models are superior.  Easy to chop and fit a sliver at a time to get the right fit, often without the need for green-stuff.

The fluff surrounding the slow petrification of chaos dwarf sorcerers has long been my favorite background detail of chaos dwarf mythology.  When the Artisan’s XVIII theme was revealed, this was literally the first character concept that came to mind.  It has been mentioned to me (and I whole heartedly agree) that it is quite heretical within the GW fluff for CD.  

…And a bit more detail than the 25 word description:

The stone-bound sorcerers are revered and placed in places of honor amongst chaos dwarf society.  However, within chaos dwarf society, there are outcasts, slaves and downtrodden everywhere.  Greed and lust for power is an ever present force within Chaos Dwarf society and social structure.  Even an outcast may aspire for power while barred from every normal avenue by which power might be gained.  The stonebound sorcerers are an untapped source of power that few realize exists within their midst.  

Initially, a would be Stonebreaker will seek out ruins, and long forgotten places where sorcerer statues might still exist; places where the brutal source of their power will remain hidden.  Their path will lead them to places fraught with danger where few dare trod and fewer return.  A Stonebreaker’s first trespass is unseen, unknown to the eyes of fellow Chaos Dwarves.  However, once they are immersed in their unnatural path, the Stone Breaker’s power grows swiftly, and they become very, very strong sorcerers, far beyond normal levels, virtually overnight (when compared to the average sorcerers path to power).

Hatred of Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers may drive some K’Daai to a willing alliance with a Stonebreaker in exchange for a chance to exercise revenge against those who bind them.  This allows them to create and power engines of destruction with which to accomplish their wicked task.  

There is a special level of hatred and spite given over to Stonebreakers.  Only a concerted and very dangerous effort from multiple sorcerers working in conjunction can destroy them.  As their power grows, it quickly becomes un-rivaled by all but the most ancient of sorcerers.  The cost to destroy a Stone Breaker is rarely worth the effort.  Instead, they are shunned and outcast, forever separated from any societal benefits of the power they sought.  Those who are known, live as hermits far from society, walled behind paranoid layers of defenses and protections for their heinous crimes.

Still they are Chaos Dwarves.  And in the darkest hours they will sally forth from behind their defenses, often in the midst of a host of K’Daai fireborn, to do battle alongside their brethren.  

There is much irony in the tale of a Stone Breaker though.  In acquiring such enormous power so quickly, they acquire also the means of their own destruction.  The petrification process is amplified beyond reason by the will of Hashut, and within a few short years they have paid for their sins in full, becoming as still and unmoving as the targets of their treachery.  Such is the doom of the Stone Breaker, and the reason such a path to power is rarely taken by those who know of it.

I will soon post a few additional photos showing the model directly front on, and also within a unit.  Cheers, JR

Fuggit Khan:

A very nice model and probably the most interesting (if heretical?) concept/idea :wink:

I especially like your idea that they live as hermits, yet are still doomed to be ultimately petrified. Great story and fluff :hat off

And a lovely paint job too, he really does look like he has sorcery power bound to him :hashut

Do you have some wip pics of him you can share with us?


Thank you.  

Do you have some wip pics of him you can share with us?

Fuggit Khan
The model was fun to design and build.  Granted chopping up models and coming up with new ways to use them is always fun.  Unfortunately, I only have a few WIP photos one of which you can see below:

These were taken before the additional blade arms were attached.  My initial configuration for the model did not have them, but the model was incomplete and needed something more.  

I should have taken more photos of the individual pieces, but my conversions tend to be a bit free form, and I don’t always know exactly how they are going to come together until they do.  For reference, below are some of the models from which pieces of the final model came:


Great job both conversion and painting wise, congrats!
Being a nut job for conversion works myself, I always love to see the WIP pics.
To me, it ends up being more “inspirational” than after the paint is done, specially if I’m not that much familiar with the models and parts used.

I second your comment about bones models, on how easy they are to chop.
However I’m still to see how they behave over time (after painted), because of their rubbery/soft surface.
That, and the fact that some models need pinning to keep them from bending - permanently I mean (the hot water trick tends to go back to bending if the model is rather heavy).


PS: Have some slaves!


Thanks! I concur that flexibility of the bones material is a problem. I tend to restrict my conversion pieces to those that are larger, thicker pieces, or parts that do not look unusual if they flex or warp.

I have replaced weapons with rod and card styrene on a few bones models to overcome terribly wilted swords and spears.


Excellent entry in every way. Had my vote. The background is brilliant, and ought to be posted in Stories & Background as well. The modelling is clever, and the painting is characterful. Good work! Starting to itch for a Stonebreaker story now…


The background... ought to be posted in Stories & Background as well.

I just posted it to Stories & Background with some additional fill out... and a minor bit of tongue in cheek.


Well, life has a way of throwing plans out the door, so the better part of half a year later, I finally have the Infernal Guard unit near completion.  

The initial discussion on my scheme got me stuck thinking about going this way or that, but ultimately I stuck very close to the original scheme, modifying only the way the accent color were used on the weapons

I am having camera issues currently (new phone), but hope to have those resolved soon.  I have a minor amount of detail work to do yet.  I’ll finish up the detail work, and get some shots from multiple angles up tonight or early tomorrow. 

The checkerboard doesn’t show as well as I had hoped due to the fact that the IG models cover a significant portion of the base.  Considering rebasing to 25mm, or possibly painting the base edges to match (less likely), but still on the fence.  You’ll be able to see it when I post pics.   Cheers, JR

Fuggit Khan:

Well, life has a way of throwing plans out the door

Ain't that the truth :cheers
But I'm very happy to see an update on your army...the infernal guard models are sculpted in such static poses that it really is a good decision on your part to paint them in different colors. It really breaks up the static overall look, your painting gives them the 'life' that they deserve. Your painting gives them a nice 'pop' and they look great. Well done!
:hat off


I agree, it is a good effect, just not one that I have done.


Well worth the wait. That’s a groundbreaking colour scheme, and works so darn well. As da Khan remarked, it gives a new dimension of life to the stolid and blocky Infernal Guards. Masterful!


Much appreciated!  It took far longer than I thought it was going to.

It really breaks up the static overall look, your painting gives them the ‘life’ that they deserve.

Fuggit Khan
Thank you!  I was hoping to give the unit a bit of whimsy through the use of color, while still maintaining that chaos dwarf feel.
That’s a groundbreaking colour scheme

Was definitely going for something a little different to break up the close rigid formation.  Glad it works!

Well, I did take a bunch of additional pics of the Infernal Guard.  Unfortunately I did it while testing a very disappointing and unimpressive Camera app.  Without any filters applied, the colors are flatter and bleed out to gray toward the edges of the photos.  I’ve attached one below.  Completely awful, and unfortunately I did not realize this until I uploaded them this morning.  Needless to say, I’ll have to take another round of photos:

In the interim, I’ve also attached a shot of my Kdaai Unit as it stands.  They will be based on a large Scenic\Unit Filler base.  I plan to build in a spot on the base for the taller base to sit, like the elemental has blasted debris outwards, and add some smaller elemental models across the rest of the base.  I play KOW, so total unit base size matters more than anything else.  Still deciding what I will play them as, to determine the final unit base size.

You’ve seen the stonebreaker model before.  The Fire Elemental is one of the Reaper translucent ones.  I did this model several months back, including the added colors to the flames.  Last night, I added some additional oranges, gray, and black to the model to represent the tips of the flames turning to smoke.  The base is so huge because I drilled out the model and put the insides of one of those flickering led candles underneath.  It’s on, though you probably cannot see it in the photo.  I’ll try to get some low light photos in the future:

Finally, the start of my next project.  A Lammasu, I cannot take credit for the conversion on this one aside from the tail (which I know you cannot see).  I picked it up on Bartertown a few years back unpainted.  Still have some further work to do on the base, and cannot seem to decide if I want to add a rider:

Cheers, JR


The model I submitted for this latest Golden Hat XXIV competition is a conversion that has been on my mind for a year or so.  I do not have any magma cannon models in my army currently and the Reaper Bones Steampunk Dragon was just asking for conversion.  I converted the model over the course of a week and painted it in the last two evenings prior to the deadline.  My camera was not behaving, so the initial contest pics were not as good as I would have hoped, but I did not have time to retake them.

With no further ado, I present my Chaos Dwarf Dragon Cannon:

This shot is a little blurry, but you can see the crew controls:

I had it in my mind to take photos of the final converted model before paint, but only remembered after I had 98% of the model primed.  Below are pics pre most of the pipes, cables, and crew controls, as well as the final primed version.  I later removed the Wheel spikes as the wheels beneath did the job:

The model is made from the following:

- Reaper Bones Steampunk Dragon

- Forgeworld Imperial Heavy Mortar and Quad Launchers (DKOK)

- Dreamforge Stormtrooper Acessory Sprue

- A lego (did anyone spot it?)

- A few zoid pieces (a wonderful additional source of bits)

- Numerous other Games Workshop and misc bits (after a while there are items that I have no idea where they came from, in my box)

- Model train ballast

- Lots of Styrene rod and tubing

This should be a great addition to the slowly growing army.  Let me know your thoughts.  Cheers, JR


Well, your entry was my favourite!

If noone finds the lego, you’ll have to tell me what it was. Or was it a very atypical shape for a lego? Then maybe I found it…


That marvellous dragon had one of my votes. How could it be otherwise, when it’s such an ingenious, detailed yet clean construct? I can’t spot the Lego part, though. It’s as well painted as it is well built. Wonderful addition to your army!

Fuggit Khan:

A wondrous creation :cheers

I love scratchbuilt/converted war machines, and yours is really cool. It was a one of my many favorites. And thank you for sharing the wip pics and listing out all the bits you used. I recognized the FW Imperial Guard resin bits, very clever usage :hat off

Will you be making some custom crew for it?


First time reading your blog (GH fame does that :wink: ) and I must say that I like what I see. I didn’t vote for your magma canon, as there were loads of good enties, but seeing it here, and taking more time to appreciate it I think you might had deserve my third vote <3


Cool concept!

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Gentlemen, the comments, votes, and almost votes are very much appreciated! :hat off There were a ton of great models in this competition making it a tough vote.  Unfortunately my competition photos were lower quality which I am sure did not help.

I love scratchbuilt/converted war machines… Will you be making some custom crew for it?

Fuggit Khan
I will be making a crew though.  I started on a model, but I have not yet fully committed to what models to use or how to convert them.  Converting and scratchbuilding is probably my favorite part of the hobby.  I’ve got a few other warmachine ideas that have yet to see the light of day.  Perhaps future GH competitions will be the incentive to get them completed.  :cheers
First time reading your blog… and I must say that I like what I see.

  Thank you!  I’ll do my best to keep the momentum going now that I’ve built up steam on the Army in progress.  
If noone finds the lego, you’ll have to tell me what it was.

For anyone looking for it, the lego is in the center of the dragon/machine body on the side view image of the dragon cannon.  One of these lego pegs: