[Archive] The rise of Kul-Ghaz

Ugly Green Trog:

It was during the withdrawal of the Legion of Azgorh ahead of the main rout that was all that remained of Tamurkhan’s mighty horde that the blessed Lord Drazhoath the Ashen decided, in his wisdom, to establish a fortress within the walls of Death Pass from where his warriors could dispatch slaving parties into the Border Princes or send slavers to ensnare members of Karak Eight-Peaks’ abundant greenskin population.

The exact reasons behind his thinking are unclear as this fortress would need to be heavily garrisoned against attack, it being some considerable distance from the Black Fortress or the other Dawi Zharr outposts that could possibly send aid in the event of an assault. Perhaps the slaves taken during the hordes initial march through the Border princes and the eastern reaches of The Empire persuaded him that it would be profitable or that through its proximity to the inexhaustible greenskin population of Karak Eight-Peaks, the recent influx of slaves traveling to the Desolation of Azgorh could continue. This would ensure that the forges of the legion were kept washed in the blood of the unfaithful and that the flow of ore from its slave-worked mines was unceasing.Maybe he merely desired to expand his influence across the entirety of the southern Darklands? With the other holds between his mighty twin fortresses their lords would be far more likely to bow to his authority and look to him for leadership in times of crisis.

Whatever his reasoning their is no doubt that his expanded influence through might of arms, wealth of slaves or respect granted to a warlord and conqueror, would serve him well on the day when Astragoth became too weak to oppose his return home to Mingol Zhar Naggrund.

To achieve his aims he left his favoured nephew Gulkhar, himself a sorceror of rising fame and abillity, to establish his new fortress and soon Death Pass was echoing with the sounds of industry, the cracking of whips and the massed footsteps of a slave workforce.

Initially a single wall spanning the pass, with a gate in the centre guarded by a single tower at the northern end, the citadel began to grow. In the first year mines in the walls of the pass were opened up and ore started to flow into the outpost and forges were opened by Gulkhar and his apprentices, soon too Drazhoath’s slaver bands were marching beyond to enslave large numbers of greenskins and humans from the lands beyond.

These large numbers of slaves attracted the attention of the other holds in the region and soon they too began to send slave parties to the pass and Gulkhar let them through for a hefty toll in slaves and gold upon their return. In the years that followed greenskins and humans in the Badlands and Border Princes began to talk in fear of the gate of slaves where an almost constant stream of doomed creatures were taken. Hobgoblin slave-guards would torment their charges mercilessly and coined the name the fortress of Chains as this was where their fate was forever chained to the whim of their Chaos Dwarf overlords. Apon hearing this their lord, Gulkhar the Soulchainer as he was now known, decreed that the fortress would be known as Kul-Ghaz in the Dawi Zharr tongue; The Citadel of Chains.

This is the opener for my armies background and I will also use this as the intro for my army blog when i get round to starting it properly. Gulkhar the Soulchainer is my Sorceror prophet and I wanted him tied to the Black tower and the legion in some way so needed a story to do that. Hope you all like it if there is any CC or feedback please leave it below as I may have contradicted some existing fluff and would like it to fit as well as possible.


It is decent fluff, and might have an advantage in that it brings the Chaos Dwarfs closer to the Old World through one westerly strongpoint, thus improving the fictionary probability of encounters with Old World armies. Having it situated away from the thriving centers of human civilization in Tilea, Kislev and the Empire is also a good idea, whilst more mayhem in the Badlands and Border Princes seem suitable. With this I mean that your concept of an outlying Dawi Zharr fortress outpost for enslaving raids into the southern Old World is a good idea, and one which I would welcome if GW introduced themselves one day.

Since CD are calculating and quite cautious beings who try to preserve and slowly add to their numbers and might, this move in your fanfiction would of course not be a rash one, and the risks would be compensated for, beforehand, as far as possible through sheer firepower in the landtrain caravans. This, along with the establishment of a distant and heavily fortified fort, isn’t a novelty, because it’s simply the extension of a long-running trend in the far-stretched Chaos Dwarf empire in the Dark Lands. Naturally, for such a peripheral and far-flung Chaos Dwarf base the fact of everyday life would be that Death Pass in the main is controlled largely by Greenskins, and the threat of these would only be temporarily purged in areas as land trains or expeditions move through and crush Orc and Goblin resistance with overwhelming military power. Most of the time, the Chaos Dwarfs in Kulghaz would have to be content with letting hordes of Greenskins and even migrating Ogres pass through and roam about as long as they stay away from the fortress.

Good concept! :hat

Ugly Green Trog:

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: . Yeah my main opponents are(will be) greenskins, beastmen and empire so I figured Death Pass to be a well suited location fluff wise. I’m hoping to chart the growth of the Citadel of Chains alongside my army blog that will start as soon as I’ve finished my first unit (upcoming deathshrieker watch this space)