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Hello again everybody!  Now that I know I will be finished painting my army in time, I’ve decided to start a new thread as I’m taking my Chaos Dwarfs to the West Coast Mayhem Tournament. I only hope I can do everybody proud! Worst case scenario, my mean little b----rds will at least cause some general chaos and garner some “what are those?” remarks.


Let me just start by saying this has been one hell of a process.  Once again, I leave everything until the last two weeks and have to paint like a madman.  I did learn my lesson this time though and I’m pulling the all nighters BEFORE the last day.  I suppose I should give a quick recap to get everyone up to date.

1 Month to WCM: I had a long sitdown to brainstorm an army with my buddy who is the best general I know (and he makes sure we all know it on a regular basis :~).  Here is what my army will look like -

Sorcerer Lord - level 4, 2 dispel scrolls, 2 power stones.

Sorcerer - level 2, black gem

Sorcerer - level 2, dispel scroll, power stone

Bull Centaur Hero - GW, Armour of Ghazrak, Gauntlets of Bazrakh

15 Blunderbuss

15 Blunderbuss

20 Warriors - Full command, hw, shield, War Banner

18 Black Orcs - Full command

10 Hobbo Wolf Riders - bows, shields, champion

2 Earthshakers (need to contend with regular tournament cheese somehow)

2 Deathrockets

2 Bolt Throwers

2 Weeks to WCM: Ooops, haven’t started painting, haven’t playtested the army.  Better get started.

1 Week to WCM: Ah panic!!!:o Still have to finish painting both earthshakers, 7 Black Orcs, 4 earthshaker crew, bull centaur hero, sorcerer lord, sorcerer #1, finish up 4 deathrocket crew, and sorcerer #2, and modify 2 Blunderbuss standard bearers into regular blunders and touch up.  Still have to playtest army!!

4 Days to WCM: panic subsided.  Managed to finish all the Black Orcs, both earthshakers, 2 blunderbuss, and deathrocket crew. Still have yet to playtest army (I will probably have to go in without testing), and my Daemon-playing friend begged me to finish painting his Bloodthirster and Tzeentch Herald (which I agreed to as he still has to finish painting 20 Horrors, Herald of Khorne on a Jugger, another Herald of Tzeentch, and 4 Flamers).  My Empire-playing friend is finished painting and playtesting but lives two hours away so he can’t assist with painting or basing.  Haven’t heard from my O&G buddy in weeks. This could get tight…

Viskar Zhragoth:

Well, Good Luck! Make sure to let us know how it goes!


I most certainly will, though I may be banished to the pits if it doesn’t go well.


3 Days to WCM: panic rising! All I managed to finish last night was one of my sorcerers, and I won’t get more than an hour of painting in tonight as I forgot that I have a date tonight (and I don’t consider “Can we reschedule? I have models to paint” as a legitimate excuse :~) Looks like I may be calling in “sick” on Friday. Spent about an hour last night helping my daemon buddy assemble his horrors which he still has to paint, my Empire buddy is sitting back gloating that his army is finished, and we still haven’t heard from our O&G buddy…

Left to paint: 4 earthshaker crew, bull centaur hero, sorcerer lord, touch up on sorcerer with arm swap, finish bloodthirster and herald of tzeentch for my buddy.


1 Days to WCM: arg! still have to finish my sorcerer lord and bull centaur hero, plus finish a bloodthirster. Oh yes, and base all the models i painted the stretch. And to make things worse, I can’t leave work early! But I will get it done and hopefully get enough sleep to let my brain function while playing with an untested army which requires tactics I haven’t used.


WCM TODAY: ok…its 4am. I just finished painting everything. I’d like to get some sleep but I have to catch the first ferry to the mainland in an hour and a half in order to make registration on time…so much for good generaling on day one. At least everything is painted…

Well…off to do battle. I’ll call in the verdict


OK well the tourney is over and done and man, was it ever great! If I could go again tomorrow I would. I’ve posted some coverage here https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/t/9092 so check it out.

As to the outcome for me personally my CD’s came out of it with the award for Best Painted! I certainly am happy with that! On the battle front…well…it didn’t go nearly as well. I’d like to state for the record that Friday night I was painting until 3:45am, fell asleep at 4:30ish am, and got up at 5:00 am to catch the ferry to the mainland. The tournament started at 9am.

Day One - Battle 1: Chaos Dwarfs vs. High Elves.
This one is a little hazy. My opponent had a Lord on a Star Dragon, a level 2 wizard, a battle standard, 2 units of 10 archers, 2 great eagles, 2 bolt throwers, a unit of 12? spearmen, 2 lion chariots, 5 dragon princes, and 15 white lions. Lets just say that my estimating with earthshakers and deathrockets was off by A LOT. On the bright side, the bolt throwers and a lucky shaker hit took the star dragon down to 1 wound! Result: Loss

Day One - Battle 2: Chaos Dwarfs vs. Orcs & Goblins.
This battle used a crazy diagonal deployment zone. My opponent had 2 level 2 shamans, an orc lord, and an orc battle standard, an enormous unit of black orcs, 2 units of night goblin archers (with fanatics), 2 units of night goblin spearmen (with fanatics), 2 units of spider riders, 2 pump wagons, 2 chariots, and a giant. My estimating with war machines was much better this time, but as he cast Power of the Waagh (all units move 2d6" and reroll missed hits) 3 consecutive turns with Irresistable Force and once in my own magic phase when I miscast, he was in combat way too quick. On turn 3 one unit of blunderbusses managed to kill 17 gobbo’s and 5 black orcs! But unfortunately, my Bull Centaur hero who’d charged out of my black orc unit to destroy a rapidly closing pump wagon was charged by his giant, who proceeded to jump up and down on him for 11 hits and reduced my chosen of hashut into ground hash. It then overran into my black orcs who were already in combat with a chariot and jumped up and down again for 7 more hits. Result: Loss…every model in my army wiped out :sick

Day One - Battle 3: Chaos Dwarfs vs. Orcs & Goblins.
This battle was up against one of my friends who I travelled over with. He had a savage orc lord, a level 2 orc shaman, a level 2 gobbo shaman, and a savage orc battle standard, a unit of savage orc boar boys, 2 units of savage orcs, a unit of orc big 'uns, 2 units of night goblins (with fanatics), 2 pump wagons, a gobbo chariot, 1 rock lobber, and 1 doom diver. I finally remembered I had the camera so I have picks for this one. Here’s our armies converging, and thats not me, its my buddy.

on the near flank you can see my wolf riders about to outflank him, and at the far flank my blunders fleeing from a panic test. It was a really close match. His fanatics were not nice to me.
CD Warriors before rolling wounds

CD Warriors after resolving wounds (with the bodies left for wow factor)

Thanks to the shakers it took his lord until turn 6 to get in to hand to hand, and unfortunately for him, it was with my sorcerer with black gem so he didn’t get to attack at all. Result: Draw, and a fun battle.

Well, first day down and I’m not doing so well. But my Empire friend and my Daemon friend are undefeated, and my O&G friend has 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 draw. Time for much needed dinner, beer, and sleep.

Day Two - Battle 4: Chaos Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves
This is my first battle against the new Dark Elf book. I haven’t even read rumours on what they are like yet. My opponent had a level 4 Sorceress on a Dark Pegasus, a level 2 sorceress, a witch elf battle standard, a unit of witch elves, 2 units of dark riders, 1 unit of cold one nights, 1 unit of spearmen, 1 units of crossbows, 2 bolt throwers, 1 unit of shades (with assassin) and a hydra. This wound up being one of the most enjoyable wars I’ve had in years. His dark riders just couldn’t beat my wolf riders in hand to hand somehow, though they eventually fell. My bull centaur hero charged out of my black orc unit to try and assassinate his bsb…unfortunately she had an strike first banner +d3 attacks, and her S counts as 1 higher than my T…ouch. He ended up being reverse assassinated. And speaking of assassins, thats what happened to my sorcerer lord. Result: Loss, and one of the best battles in years :hat off

Day Two - Battle 5: Chaos Dwarfs vs. Dark Elves
Oh no, not again! Now I know how good Dark Elves are! As one player didn’t come back today, one of the organizers had to play as a ringer. He had a lord on a cold one, 2 level 2 wizards, a battle standard, a unit of black guard, a unit of corsairs, 2 units of crossbows, 1 bolt thrower, 1 unit of dark riders, 1 unit of cold one knights, and a hydra. This battle was not fun. By the end of the battle the earthshakers and deathrockets completely destroyed his black guard, killed the hydra, and reduced his corsairs to 2 models, yet somehow I no longer had models on the table. Largely due to Arnzipals Black Horror being cast twice with Irresistable Force, the first killing 10 of 15 blunderbusses, the second killing 12 of 20 CD Warriors. Result: Loss, and a few sour grapes

OK, so I lost…a lot. But frankly, I don’t even mind. I had a great time playing, saw some nice looking armies, had fun, and got to show people that chaos dwarfs were still around. And the best part is that since this was a Hall of Heroes battle, on the GW website under events coverage, it will say “Best Painted Army: Chaos Dwarfs”. Take that GW! Not sweeping us under the carpet that easy! lol


LoL, slap in the face GW, we are victorious

thta last game sounded harsh…

cheers on the award:cheers

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull:


nice read I enjoyed reading it. Congrats on winning best painted.