[Archive] The Second Commandment of Hashut


“And as I have set thee above all other races, I decree my Second Commandment to be ‘Ye shall toil for the Glory of the Dawi Zharr people.’  For I am your Father and as with all fathers I wish to see my children prosper.

By my Fiat you have been set above all other races, and by your actions you will strive to stay there.

By my Design you have been given a hard land to rule, and by your actions you will labour to master it.

By my Contract you have been anointed with my blood, and by your actions you will endeavour to spread my Rule.

By my Favour you have been granted my blessing, and by your actions you will validate my faith in thee.

For I am your Father and as it has been written, my Second Commandment is ‘Ye Shall Toil for the Glory of the Dawi Zharr people.’”

-inscription found on the second of the one hundred and forty-four bronze tablets in the Temple of Hashut atop Mingol Zharr-Naggrund.  The official interpretation of this is to reinforce the First Commandment; each Dawi derives his authority from his father as defined by the first commandment, and he derives it from his and so on and thus ultimately all orders are derived from the High-Priest and through him from Hashut and in turn thus must be for the glory of the Dawi Zharr as a whole.  The more ambitious Dawi Zharr see the second commandment as holy sanction to undermine their rivals or even their ‘fathers’ for the Dawi Zharr despise weakness and thus disposing the weak is for the glory of the race as a whole and they will even move openly against rivals if they can justify it being for the betterment of the Empire.


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First Commandment, obedience and hierarchy. Check. Second Commandment, toil for the glory of a Dark God. Check. Excellent undertexts explaining the convoluted Chaos Dwarf society’s relations to their Commandments. Check.

This is truly great stuff and it even sounds authentic. Keep it coming! Though I had to look up the meaning of a word which happens to be identical to the name of a certain Italian car company… :stuck_out_tongue:


@Admiral: maybe Hashut likes European manufactured cars? Lol And thanks :slight_smile: