[Archive] The Slave-host of Moloch the Unmerciful


Well, after years of longing for a Chaos Dwarf army of my own, I’ve finally begun work on my diminutive lords of malice.

Here’s my first Dawi Zharr. You’ll have to forgive my lack of ability in both painting and photography ;-p

Now I just have to paint the remaining 99.9% of the army…

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Wow, excellent start. I really like the highlighting choice, it’s bold but not too over-done, and very appropriate for ‘Dwarfs of Fire’!!


Really like the scheme and the shield symbol. Well done! :smiley:


Good Start and it is a nice way to highlight the armour well thought of


He looks great, but I especially like the shield design!


Thanks everyone! I wanted to give the Blackshard armour a look that reflected its ‘heat resistant’ qualities.

I’m still a little confused as to what scheme to paint my hobbos… I have converted them from a mixture of flagellants, night goblins and chaos marauders - shamelessly ‘inspired’ by Geckilian’s blood bowl team. As slaves are a form of currency, it seems only fitting that Moloch would want them to wear his livery in battle as a show of wealth, however I don’t want them to be too bright or ‘clean’ looking… I’m thinking possibly black or deep red robes… Well, I’d better get painting!


Here are a few wip shots of my hobbos…


You’re off to to a good start, especially regarding the shield! The Hobgobbos will probably look great once painted.


Great start. I love your take on the hobgoblins! Looking forward to seeing them painted.