[Archive] The Snowman's Blog [28/02 update] (weekend over)

The Snowman:

When I heard that the local lads (and gal) were doing an army building project I wanted in. Unfortunately having committed in other areas financially I am unable to spend up big on minis (yet). So my diary will be more about how to put together possibly the cheapest army… I hope.

To achieve a cheap army will require some modelling and remodelling of already owned or cheap to buy minis. BfSP offers some great minis for cheap (if I can find some). That gives me O&G or Dwarfs… or with a bit more green stuff and access to bits boxes Chaos Dwarfs. I looked at some cool armies on the net and decide to go with Chaos Dwarfs as I loved the awesome conversion potential.

Lava bases are definately in my plan, as is a fairly dark red/bronze/silver colour scheme.

My list is a work in progress and have played a grand total of ONE game with them (against High Elves) in which I lost … but didn’t fare too badly.

The list (Roughly)

1 Chaos Dwarf Lord (Taurus)

1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lvl2

1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lvl2

1 Bull Centaur Hero Battle Standard

12 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

12 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss

25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

25 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

10 Hobgoblins

15 Black Orcs

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower x2

6 Bull Centaurs

1 Earthshaker

So far I have chopped up the warriors from BfSP ready for some greenstuff work. I have yet to set aside some time to start this wholeheartedly as I am a little afraid to stuff it up too much.

I have got models for all the units I have included in my list, most are based (using cork and coarse sand). I guess you guys would all like to see some work in progress shots…

First up, Warriors, blunderbusses and Hobgobs are nothing to look at yet they look pretty much like BfSP models and I have yet to get really stuck into these.

Bolt thrower (standard O&G boltie for one, this is the second one). I only had a top section of this model so had to build a stand for it, the miners cart came in handy as well as some other bits that I could gather. I’m hoping that the Night Gobbo on the left will end up like a little try-hard gobbo that wants to be a dwarf, hence the mask and bowl of fire.

Next my Lord who rides a Taurus. BfSP warrior champ.

Here is his Taurus, who was discovered at a $2 shop for… yep you guessed it… $2. He is a bit hairier than a common Taurus. He also has Pegasus wings rather than daemon style wings, mainly because I already had them, but also I want them to be more flame-like too. I am also not a big fan of the 'bright red beast" so expect a different colour scheme … eventually.

Next, my Earthshaker, I actually bought a hellcannon, then thought that I could make one and sell the hellcannon to buy more goodies. Here is my attempt, it has no base yet (it will make a difference) and an undercoat and paint job will bring it out nicely. Used a BfSP cannon, ogre gut plate, lots-o-skulls and some odds and ends.

Lastly, my Bull Centaurs, I had an idea for these even before I had read the fluff (whatever limited fluff there is). I originally planned these as more like a chaos conversion than Chaos Dwarf, but I like them so they are staying (Just don’t kill me all you serious fluff bunnies, or I’ll have to make up some seriously ridiculous story as to why they are in my army. The ‘bull’ part is Cold One, and the body is Black Orc. I imagine that the paint will be fiery (like lava) on the Cold One section. There will be beards… but no hats sorry.(Not a fan)

Bull Centaur BSB

Well… that is where I am up to. That was a pretty solid post for my second post on the forum. It is great to see so many ideas and talent in these forums and I have gained inspiration from many of you already (as you will probably notice as my blog continues). Keep up the good (or Chaotic??) work.

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Thommy H:

I really, really like the Taurus.

Not totally sold on the Bull Centaurs - they’re a great idea, just not for Bull Centaurs :wink:


WOW :o thats’ all I can say, well I hope that I can say more then that - so I’ll try:

- It looks so great, I like it all - the bolt thrower and the (I hope is a great taurus) is my favo among all those great conversions…

Keep them coming my friend - a good idea and a great GC work :cheers


Personally loving the Bull Centaurs :slight_smile: Earthshaker, though nice attempt, looks (IMHO) a little snub. Otherwise loving the look so far.

Ghrask Dragh:

Fantastic!! Love the originality, the Taurus looks awesome as does the Earthshaker!! and the Bull Centaurs look amazing, never liked the whole bull thing anyway :slight_smile:

Not totally sold on the Bull Centaurs - they’re a great idea, just not for Bull Centaurs :wink:

Thats because you’re a fluffaholic!! :smiley: :wink:

Great work Snowman, can’t wait for the rest :cheers

Thommy H:

Well, again, they are called Bull Centaurs…


I’m in agreement nice pose, nicely done, dynamic, etc… But not much that is bovine about them.


cry whis is everyne so much better than me

PS: awesome BT, what did you use to make it?

Kera foehunter:

what an hell of a cool army!!!great new spinn on the cd (slaves)

The Snowman:

Well… Mrs The Snowman went out this afternoon for a meeting and I decided (after playing board games with the boys, GO HUNGRY HIPPOS!!) to greenstuff my sorcerers.

The first one I have had planned in my head for ages but had been too scared to start. It turned out pretty good, although after taking some close up photos I wonder how the paint will turn out around the seams and edges… oh well.

The second one I just went for it… not really any plan and just hacked things apart (Kings wall from BfSP) to get the bits I needed… Not all that happy with this one yet… needs more… something. I am thinking of adding a small flame on his finger and possibly something on his hat to make it bigger.

Doing the greenstuff is a little quicker than I first thought it would be. I think the warriors will be fairly quick when I get to them, as long as I can find/make enough masks for them (with enough variety). The Blunderbusses will take a little longer as will the Bull Centaurs. I am trying to complete a model per night… where possible.

Pyro Stick:

That taurus is looking amazing! It reminds my girlfriend of a “sweet” highland cow.All your stuff is awesome. Lets just hope your painting is a good as your modelling skills.

The Snowman:

Yes… lets all hope together… :slight_smile:

As I haven’t put paintbrush to mini for quite a while I’m hoping that I can do them justice… I’ll find a pic from my VC army to at least give people some sort of idea of my style.


cool idea for the hat of your first sorcerer. I would never think about a music instrument as a hat :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

Omg where did you get the big skull??? that is (non cussing) great!!!

great idea i like it!!

Ghrask Dragh:

This blog gets better and better!! The first sorcerer is really, really good :cheers

that is (non cussing) great!!!

Good work Kera!


Nice GS work.  That sorcerer with the lizardman drum for a mask is terrifying!  I like the painting on the necro, very dark.  Excellent all around

…and possibly something on his hat to make it bigger.

The Snowman
Hey Willmark, what do you think of this idea? :stuck_out_tongue:

The Snowman:

Yes indeed the mask on the 1st sorcerer is a drum from the Cold Ones riders that I used for my bull centaurs. The thing on top is also from that sprue set, not sure exactly what it is but with a few flicks of a knife it is the basis of a hat.

Yeah… the second Sorcerer… I’m not all that happy with him yet… the kings wall piece looks to “normal” dwarfy. I need to change it somehow, I thought an addition to the top of the mask might give it a bit more “Dawhi Zarr” or even “oooga boooga” would be acceptable. :slight_smile: Maybe it is just the pose of that model too… possibly the hardest model to get a good range of conversions from (I have about 6 of them!).

The Snowman:

Decided that I would attempt to do a mini per night. So far this week it has worked out, some nights I think I will do a rank of a unit or something close. Completed as much as I am doing on the Earthshaker crew. Got lazy and ran out of ideas and bits for anything more elaborate so just added beards on the crew.

Also did more on the sorcerers hat, still not completely happy with the “Beanie” that he is wearing but it is ok…

Kera foehunter:

great job love the crew


Hey Willmark, what do you think of this idea? :P

Reaches for his lightsaber...