[Archive] The start of a New Era for the Chaos Dwarfs...... Darkness Falls!

Halaster Blackcloak:

So… im starting up my own Chaos Dwarf Army, yesterday i recieved my first few items to kick start my army, i bought 10 Infernal Guard with Fire Glaives, the Daemonsmith Boxset, and a skullcracker warmachine.

as im writing this i am currently in the middle of cleaning up my Infernal Guard. Tomorrow i’ll post up a pic of the first stage with all the green stuff minor repairs on them.

watch this space!

Kera foehunter:

Waiting !! Watching !! hurry !! got to go !!

Halaster Blackcloak:

Well… i got started on my CD’s day before yesterday, got them mostly undercoated black, and 3/4’s put together, havent had a chance to take pic’s and post them up yet, as i’ve been on nightshift, and im on nightshift till end of the week, hopefully friday i can get them fully painted as i really wanna get them on here for you all to see… i had to ever so slightly repair the shoulder’s with liquid greenstuff which btw… works an absolute treat and for those who have never used it… such as me until 2 days ago, and my work came out spot on with no sign of mistakes… and i found out how to make the greenstuff flawless… so! i say again “for those who have never used it” i highly reccommend it and would be happy to give tips on how to use it with minimal fuss.

I’ll be posting again later this week with some pics of my progress… hopefully i’ll be making my lava bases custom made too…