[Archive] The Struggles of TheFNG


Hey guys,

So I’m not a painter but I’m trying to learn.  This is where I will chronicle my struggles.

Some of my army…

Hobgoblins (old oop goblins I really like cuz they don’t resemble night gobbos)


Hobgoblin wolf riders


WIP Blunderbusses (RA Harquebuss)


Nothing else is ready for public consumption…

Thanks Bloodbeard for the tip on photos! I’ll be trying that out soon.


I lile those little evil guys. Nice chunk of old night goblins. Blinking eye big hat smiley

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The warriors in the back are not my work, so I’ll post them in an army picture but I don’t want to claim credit for them or other models I’ve purchased that are already painted.


I like the olde goblin archers you’ve used. Like you said - “they ain’t night gobbos”.


My Bull Centaurs I painted. I have not washed them yet, as I’ve just begun trying that technique.

They were my first Chaos Dwarf unit.


Next is a pic of the first five fireglaives. Still need to do the facial details on two.


Finally a pic of my WIP magma cannon next to a deathsgrieker I’m trying to copy.


That’s all for now. I’ll post a whole army picture at some point.

Fuggit Khan:

A nice start you have here, thanks for sharing this with all of us…I especially like the old school goblins, a total trip down nostalgic memory lane :cheers


My Great Weapon IG:


Also my Kdaai with Manburner:

I’m going to rework their bases but they were my stars of a recent tourney.


I love fireborn. They haven’t really dissapointed me yet. Point expensive, but man they can make some kills on T3 units.

Can’t see from the picture: Have you done something to make the manburner stand out? Other than the dark red?

Nice use of colours.


The fireborn unit looks good, though the pic is blurry. Would be nice with some better pics, your models deserve it;)


The fireborn unit looks good, though the pic is blurry. Would be nice with some better pics, your models deserve it;)

Haha, true!


I’ll give it a try. I’m just happy I was able to successfully posted pictures to the forum, and not just a link. :slight_smile:


Quick snap of the army

Zhatek The Weird:

The Giant in armor with the mace is that your K’daii Destroyer? :slight_smile:


Looking good. I really dig the striking colours of your GW classic hats. First time I’ve seen brown-bearded lads and not hated them. I’m an ultra-beginner painter, and these photos are really helpful. Thanks.


Indeed he is my destroyer. Great model, saw the idea here first.

Thanks Roark. Painting is the bane of my warhammer life, but the table looks so much better with painted figs than plastic toys on it. :slight_smile: