[Archive] The Thread formerly know as "Triple Hellcannon?"


So I’ve seen some triple magma cannon lists but I haven’t seen anything on spamming hellcannons…

at 2500 you could put down 3x 205 point hellcannons that do not need any protection…

and then the rest of your army could gasp advance… Anyone tried anything like this?

I figure you need at least 2 Smiths… so magic heavy seems like a good path to supplement this…

May also want to get some fast(er) infantry… favoring Hobbies over dwarfs…

Still need a BSB and a dwarf block for it… maybe bring a movement banner… Banner of Slavery?.. both?

A unit of BCs or Fireborn for punch and we’re done…

Anyone have this many HCs? given this a go?


unfortunatly before 3000 ( a grand army) you can only have 2 copies of the same rare


oh… i see… i’m a doofus… :mad

No wonder I hadn’t seen it done…

So this thread isn’t a complete waste…

Anyone using double Hellcannons?


“Triple Hellcannon” just makes me want to mount a triple-barrelled Hellcannon on the back of a Defiler.


You can run two Hellcannons and a Dreadquake, however.

In a few of my lists, I’ve ran two Dreadquakes with a smith sitting between them. It’s actually pretty ludicrous how much damage those two templates do, given the -3 save penalty, and it just keeps on giving during their movement phase. I love the thing. It’s overcosted by about 15 points, but I love it.

Da Crusha:

I didnt do 3 hellcannons or even 2 for that matter but i did do a warmachine heavy list that favored magic and hobgobbos. check it out.


Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’ve run dual-Hellcannons several times during our local leagues. It is quite effective.



I wanted to do that but haven’t bought the second dread quake yet will be my next project