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[align=center]The Two Iron Daemons, by Zhargonidus[/align]

Once upon a time, there was a host with a couple of Iron Daemons. Mighty were their barrage and thunderous were their charge. One day, the army came upon a host of Humans from Ind. The Chaos Dwarfs drew up their battlelines, yet the terrain on the battlefield was rocky and difficult to tread on. Nevertheless, the warmachines were ordered to plow through the enemy ranks and crush all before them. Steam hissed and smoke belched, pistons pumped and wheels trundled.

As they neared the Indans at high speed, the leader of the first Iron Daemon decided to be cautious:

“Slow down, or else we will roll over! We’re shaking too much already,” said the leader of the first Iron Daemon.

This mistake cost his crew their lives. Though they crashed into the puny Humans and killed many of them, their momentum was too slow to escape their enemies’ vengeance. Swift warriors jumped their vehicle and cut the crew to pieces.

When the second Iron Daemon neared the Indans at high speed, one of the crewmen warned his leader:

“On the brakes, we’re going too fast and will topple on that rock!” shouted the crewman.

“No! Trust in Hashut and shovel more coal into the furnace. Brakes are for Elves!” yelled the leader of the second Iron Daemon.

The Iron Daemon sped up, and nearly crashed down on its side as it hit a rock. Yet the Father of Darkness protected the faithful, and let the vehicle regain its stability. Thus it was that the Iron Daemon slaughtered all before it with impunity, and the Humans fled before its wrath. For such is the glory due to the conqueror bereft of doubt and hesitation.

- The Two Iron Daemons, by Despot Zhargonidus Doombeard, the renowned Chaos Dwarf author of fable stories, of our present time

Fuggit Khan:

“Brakes are for elves!”


That’s the quote of the week :cheers