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In the Chaos Dwarf Army what is the one unit you as a CD general can’t live without? Note this may be effected but many things (style of play, models in your army etc…)


Hashut’s Blessing:

Blunderbussers. They are my only core unit at the moment :smiley: Otherwise, Earthshaker because of the look on my opponent’s face when they see it. Perhaps the Bolt Thrower because it is great at killing characters on dragons AND the dragons :smiley:


I’d say Chaos Dwarf warriors as an overall choice. Without them it wouldn’t really feel like a Chaos Dwarf army, and they’re essentially blocks you can use to slow the enemy and hold them for several turns if things go well.

In a themed Hobgoblin army however, led by a Hobgoblin hero and comprised of armoured wolf riders and armoured Hobgoblins, I’d reckon Hobgoblins would be the no brainer choice for the role of ‘essential unit’.


my general himself and his squad of 19 warriors.

I’ve played 4 games and we was purly awsome in 3 of them (the last game the opponent spent the entire game running from my generals unit so they never saw combat :().

first game he took a flank charged by a large unit of night goblins with nets. survived 4 rounds of combat never winning till help arrived (damn nets, making my dwarfs strength 2)

second game was charged by a large unit of orcs, dueled the enemy general and cut him down, than procedded to slaughter the orcs

3rd game charged a unit of dwarf warriors and challenged their general and cut him down


Flying terror causing monsters for chaos dwarf heroes are great.

The Raven:

I know this will sound odd:

My nekkid hobbo slaves. My entire club FEARS them and avoid combat with my little 20 point slave units as if it was a Bloodthirster…I think it has something to do with them demolishing a giant beastherd with general, a unit of centigors and defending warmachines against units that should have chased them right of a cliff.:slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

basic chaos dwarf warriors they are tuff the can pound it out even with heavy ammor the move at 3 haha.But even a unit of cd warriors do need support but they make a back bone to this great army


Warriors, ebcause without them ourr armies illegal (this included BBs) after that, death rockets, I just like the idea of launching explosives at random people:)

Thommy H:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Hobgoblin Wolf Riders aren’t just the best unit available to Chaos Dwarfs; they might just be the best unit in the Warhammer game. They’re ridiculously good value.


I agree with thommy best unit in my first game with my chaos dwarf stunties.


20 point units of Hobgoblins. They are by far the best unit that I have. They can draw out what the opponent has in the deployment phase, and they can redirect knights, monsters, other nasty units off the board or allow for a flank charge.

Hooray for Naked Hobgoblins!


Until my general mounted on taurus is finished it has to be CD warriors.


Blunderbusses. Given the 3 compulsory core CD units at 2k points, I think it’s fluffy to give 2 out of 3 of my “fire dwarf” units firepower. Other than that, 2nd place would have to go to the Bolt-throwers, I have played without most other units at times


Id say the large blocks of hobgoblins! They turned a battle for me! They destroyed all the enemies cold one knights and made his general flee! Then again, it could also be the earthshaker who blocked half of his army from getting any closer!


Then again, it could also be the earthshaker who blocked half of his army from getting any closer!

Quoted for truth.


Personally, I cant live without the earthshaker. I use it all the time for the advantage of slowing the enemy army to a dwarfs movement. This makes it so I can also pelt them to death with bullets and arrows, and then I win.


I’d say hobgoblin wolf riders (for harassing the enemy and drawing them within range of my blunderbusses.)

with blunderbusses in a close second.


Sneaky gits. Because they’re there :slight_smile:

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Thunderers and therefore Blunderbusses, I guess. :slight_smile:


Eathshaker that and my bolt throwers.