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Well, since I seem to be settled in here now, and as my Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl team is finished, I figured I’d start a log here echoing the one on Warseer. As such, expect Blood Bowl, more Blood Bowl, some random non-GW figures, even more Blood Bowl, and possibly Mordheim, Necromunda and my 40k work.

Anyway, with one team finished, it’s on to the next one! Seeing Willmark had started on his Halflings, and feeling like painting faster than him, I set to work! I was at GW yesterday, and managed to blitz through (ohoho…) 5 team members, with another 7 being semi finished.

I present to you, the Wyrdstone Wranglers!

Not bad for a day’s painting I reckon. They’ll most likely be finished in a few days due to revision for upcoming exams, but here’s hoping they’re done quickly so I can move on to the next team, either Necromantic or 3rd ed. Human.

(s a side note, I’m after the following 2nd edition Skaven BB figures to complete the team: Linesmen 3 and 7, Blitzer 1, Thrower 2, Kicker 2. if you have these and are willing to part with them, please PM me.)


Impressive speed! Well done. These guys look great.

What do you use for the bases? :slight_smile:


Cheers Xander. I use display bases from Heresy Miniatures due to their low cost and low postage for orders under £10. Pretty good place.


Aha, new stuff. I’ve made some progress on other teams. I’ve sculpted fur on the metal human team, as well as converting Griff Oberwald in to a 4th Blitzer. The Elf team is also based and primed like the metal human team. Not only that, but 2 old Chaos players are based and primed, as is a Rat Ogre.

So, quite a few projects on the go at once, considering in 2 weeks after my exams I’ll also be making a proper start on my Chaos Dwarf army, as well as continuing the challenge of painting over 350 Chaos Space Marines…



A really nice glow effect on the skaven players…though do i see some baking gloves? :slight_smile:

I’ve always wanted to start out a BB team, but nobody around where i am wants to play ¬_¬


Thanks WarplockMonkey, those are indeed epic baking gloves. It’s one of the reasons I like the old 2nd edition Skaven team, characterful figures. Gotta love any rat with a hockey mask, heh.


Very nice Geckilian. you painted all of them in one day!? that’s incredibly impressive, AND they look better than the dunk technique that I would need to employ to paint all of those in one day.

good stuff, keep it coming :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Goooo team go !!i like your color and what a paintjob one day I spend that much time on one figure.great job Geckilian

zorn sabretooth:

nice work


How you paint these bone-thingy armor?


For the bone armour, I basecoat with Khemri Brown, then add a wide highlight of a 50/50 mix of Khemri Brown and Dheneb Stone, leaving Khemri Brown only in the recesses. Then I do a thinner highlight of Dheneb Stone on all the edges, raised bits etc. Finally a 50/50 mix of Dheneb Stone and Skull White is used for fine edging.

Of course, there’s actually about 8 or 9 mix stages, but the above 4 are the general process.


For the bone armour, I basecoat with Khemri Brown, then add a wide highlight of a 50/50 mix of Khemri Brown and Dheneb Stone, leaving Khemri Brown only in the recesses. Then I do a thinner highlight of Dheneb Stone on all the edges, raised bits etc. Finally a 50/50 mix of Dheneb Stone and Skull White is used for fine edging.

Of course, there's actually about 8 or 9 mix stages, but the above 4 are the general process.

Thank you very much! :hat off


You have painted your skaven at skaven speed :wink: cool colour scheme, great figures - I like the rat with power claw :slight_smile:


Thanks. Unfortunately I haven’t updated this log for a while due to exams, but I had the last exam last Thursday, so over summer no doubt this will take off again. Chaos Dwarfs are next though, and my goal is to get 2,000 points finished over summer, so the Bloodbowl may have to wait a while.


Aha, time for an actual update at last! I’ve been rather busy painting of late, but for my Chaos Space Marine army, rather than Chaos Dwarfs. I, the last 5 days I’ve managed -

- changed the scheme for my marines to one I’m happy with.

- finished 60 Chaos Marines.

- finished 4 Rhinos.

- finished 24 Plague Marines (bases).

- finished 3 Obliterators (bases).

- painted the gray and finished the bases on 35 Terminators.

- painted the metal and finished the bases on 6 Obliterators.

I’ve also acquired another 30 Marines, 10 Veterans, 15 Terminators, Rhino, 2 Predators, Whirlwind, Razorback, Dreadnought, 10 Scouts, 10 Assault Marines, 6 Bikes, 3 Land Speeders and assorted Characters. This haul was in fact, deliciously ironically, the Dark Angel army I have a 15 match winning streak against, as my friend finally gave up on them and decided to stick with Chaos. As such, these’ll all get added to the Penitent Spectres in time.

The pictures below reflect what is entirely finished, which comes in at a healthy 2,362 points. Not doing too bad overall.

Also, on the 8th of next month I’ll hit 20 years old. ye gods, it’s not much but it feels incredibly surreal…


Hello all once again.

As it was my birthday yesterday, I naturally spent a chunk of the day in my local GW, painting with my girlfriend and hanging out with friends in general. Therefore I have more progress -

The 31 Terminators had the metal areas painted. That leaves just two layers for bone, two layers of blue for small details and several layers for any flesh. Not too far from completion now.

I also managed to finish up another 6 Obliterators, bringing the total to 9.

Last but no means least, and more importantly, I also got this guy finished, and I’m quite happy with him considering I spent around 2 and a half hours overall painting him in the new scheme:

Once the Terminators are done I’ll be up to around 4,500-ish points painted, so I should be able to get past a healthy 6,000 points of my large collection painted by the end of the year, considering I have a 2,000 point Chaos Dwarf army to tackle soon.

Till next update then.


Stunning work as usual!

Do you have a tutorial kicking around of your techniques? You have a very clean look to all your miniatures and the speed is incredible (mind you I am sure that comes with the loads of practice you get).

If you already have a tutorial-esque post somewhere could you direct me to it? If not, how many slaves do I need to dole out to make that happen :slight_smile:




Wow Geck, your winged dude is AWESOME! I’d be proud of him too! for the wings, did you do a wash on them, or dry brush up? they look very sharp and clean :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday to you! lots of figs done! :cheers

PS - your obliterators also look great but I wish there was a close up pic of at least one!


I’d be happy to do a tutorial Vexxus (for an unreasonably high number of slaves no doubt) but what exactly would you like a tutorial on? It’s quite flattering for you to ask. As for speed, I tend to ‘production line’ paint. That’s why, for example, I finished 60 marines in one go… Plus I use Foundation paints and the new Washes a lot, since thin layers that still give good coverage and instant shading and highlighting are very handy indeed for simple tabletop quality figures.

Thanks Sojourn. The wings simply got basecoated black, painted Scab Red, were given a wash of Leviathan Purple (one of the new GW washes) then drybrushed Scab Red again. For the upper bone parts, it was a basecoat of Khemri Brown (I think that’s the name…) a mid-range brown Foundation Paint, then light drybrush layers of Dheneb Stone (another Foundation paint from GW).

At any rate if you wanted close-up pictures of stuff feel free to have a look around here, my project log from the very beginning on the Bolter and Chainsword forum: The Penitent Spectres. The third (last) page has an example of my painting when I spend some time doing it, a lilac Sorceror Lord I painted for my girlfriend. There are also, conveniently enough, closer pictures of the first 3 Obliterators I painted.


yikes… and I thought Xander and Vex had a messy desk… resists the urge to go organize…

and I like the Sorceror Lord… veerrrrryyyyyy nice. :slight_smile: