[Archive] The Wandsworth (mini) Waargh! - Jan 2010


12 players - 6 players per side

Kings Arms Pub - Wandsworth - London - UK

1500 points per player - No lords (no other comp)

Only Races allowed are

Orcs & Goblins

Ogre Kingdoms (Rhinox are allowed)

Chaos Dwarves

Beasts of Chaos

Winners take all…

Will be on a Sunday - £5 per player

Too be played on a giant table

Jan 2010 - Final date TBC

Put your name down here to register interest…


Chaos Dwarf rules that will be in play:

Blunderbuss units must rank 5 wide, to get S bonus

Sneaky Gits count as skirmishers

Bull Centaurs count as infantry (ie +2 S for using a GW)


I’m definately in for this, assuming its Ravening Hordes CDs?


Yep, it is Ravening Hordes…