[Archive] The Website - Suggestions

The Flying Beaver:

Xander and I have been discussing to do with our main page. It’s the entrance to Chaos Dwarfs Online, so we need to make it look good. We’re planning to put up the Golden Hat entries, but beyond that, we’re stumped. So, this is where we open the floor to our members: what do YOU think should go on the main page?


I think for the opening page it should be a clear-cut and official looking as, let’s say druchii.net. I’m not saying it should look amazing, but it should look like we give a crap about the first thing a possible Chaos Dwarf recruit will see when he goes to this site.

Praise Hashut!:hat


This is being taken care of Khaosbeardling, I think Xander is working on the main website page that new people will first see.

Between Xander and I we have a lot of ideas being bounced around as to how to make this an awesome site, so i totally agree with you.


If we use druchii.net as an example, I’d say it far too full of information for the front page of a website. A simple explanation of the site and links to the various sections is all that is needed.


That’s pretty much what we’ll have. Fairly simple, well organized. Lots of pictures and articles to be included, I hope.