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The Wheel of Chaos

…for Chaos is a wheel and as surely as a chariot grinds the mud so too are we ground by Chaos.  And as the Star has eight points, so too does the Wheel have eight spokes.  The principal spokes are that of Rage, Desire, Despair and Hubris just as the principal Gods are Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle and Tzeentch.  And as the lesser Gods are named Necoho, Zuvassin, The Horned Rat and Hashut, the lesser spokes I name Nihilism, Anarchy, Ruin and Dominion.  For where rage against order and desire for freedom meet, mortals throw off the shackles of organised religion; where desire to know what will happen meets the means to lead others to despair, mortals will throw the plans of others into disarray; where the despair at a loss meets the hubris that another is more deserving, mortals will seek to undo the fortunes of friend and foe alike; when the hubris that places one above another meets the rage that follows the discovery that this is not so, mortals will seek to set this right and subjugate all.  And as surely as the wheel turns about the spoke, so to does Chaos turn around Malal who I name Malignancy for it is the very nature of Chaos to turn upon itself and be self destructive.  And as the wheel turns about its axel, Chaos turns in a malignant cycle, each spoke chasing the one next to it.  Now one spoke is on top, now another, then another, forever turning.  And as no spoke may ever catch another, nor may it sit at the top of the turning wheel, so to can none of the Gods cast down another forever and no God can ever remain supreme.  Only by breaking the wheel can the cycle end, but to do so is doom for if the wheel is broken it is no longer a wheel."

- A heretical text by an unknown author which was scratched into a hull plate from a Thunderfire Battlebarge.  The hull plate was discovered washed up fifty miles north-east of Uzkulak port with no sign of the ship it came from.  It is now housed in the White Archives* in Mingol Zharr-Naggrund along with numerous other heretical texts collected by the Dawi Zharr during their long history.

* The White Archives is a naturally occurring immense chamber of white marble found deep within the heart of Zharr-Naggrund that stores artefacts that the Sorcerer-Prophets deem to dangerous for the general population to know about but which they do not wish to destroy, either because that would be more dangerous, that they might be of use in dire times or in the case of prophecies, books and other texts so that they can be studied by sanctified scholars in the hope that some useful knowledge may be gleaned from them for the betterment of the Empire.


Ok. I can “roll” with that.

But wouldn’t a plate from a Thunderfire Battlebarge sink?

Maybe - found em:)bedded in a sea-wall after the ship unaccountably exploded.


But wouldn't a plate from a Thunderfire Battlebarge sink?
Maybe - found embedded in a sea-wall after the ship unaccountably exploded.

Nah it obviously had a Rune of Floating on it :P

Seriously though, 'washed up' is more a relative term, meant to imply it was found on a beach with no explanation for how it got there ;)


I know, I was being a little bit contrary.


This could as well have shown up in Liber Chaotica for its quality. Well-wrought through and through. I’ll send this to Grimstonefire to see if he has any use for it in future Liber Chaotica: Hashut writing.

Great take on the wheel of time idea. Bonus point for the naval tidbit. :slight_smile:


Thanks Admiral :slight_smile:

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I’d. Be happy to add some of my efforts into a liber chaotica, but between you guys you’ve written more than I have I’m sure!

So imo it would be better that way around.

On a train with poor signal so I’ll digest story later.


This is quite a short story. I really like it. I love things like this that make me ponder the nature of the interdependencies of gods. I should really like AoS on that basis I guess…

As it’s a wheel, I think you could do with some references in there to the wheel of chaos crushing all in it’s path. I had an image of that bit on terminator 1 with the tank track crushing the skulls beneath it as I was reading this. :slight_smile: