[Archive] The White Dwarf


For a competition I’m doing at the moment.

The rock was sculpted to be obsidian, and the WD will be uplit by lava. The poor dead Chaos Dwarf is slowly sliding in :o


KerjunkGuhrlghcrash-smash-thudtinkle, tinkle.

(sound of my jaw hitting the desk, then me falling off my chair in amazement and the mandatory sound of tiny metal objects coming to rest that happens everytime someone falls off something)


:hat off


Holy SHIT!

That is amazing!

Ghrask Dragh:

Grimstone… I… I just don’t know what to say.

:hat off:cheers

Kera foehunter:

Great job grims. He look just like the white dwarf.


Grim… Now that is just freaking kickass shit right there… O.O Now I defentlly need to learn how to model more like that. :~


Please…teach me…your ways…“o” wise one , and some pictures when hes painted please[Probably the best sculpting job Ive ever seen].:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers:cheers


I must give you a slave for your masterpiece from my four , may it serve you well , Hashut shall reward you as I have…


Awesome sculpting ,:hat offShame its not the white dwarf slipping under:hashut reward of slaves granted:hat


Shame its not the white dwarf slipping under

What do you mean?:o


If you read the post the cd warrior is sliding into lava:hat


if only the dead guy was a gobbo, I mean, what did we do to him…



Its not very often I do models with a story behind them. This was one I thought I really should, it being the White Dwarf himself.

I have got ideas for a duel between the White Dwarf and a ‘Black Dwarf’, on a thin bridge over a bit of lava. Depending on how well this one comes out I might have a go.

The hardest part of this model so far was finding a suitable pot to sculpt the shield on. It reads ‘Grudge’ on the top, and ‘White Dwarf’ on the inside.


I am Gobsmacked! Lovely work. Cant wait to see this baby painted.

- Tallhat

Pyro Stick:

Ive been waiting for a white dwarf conversion for ages! This beast is awesome. I cant wait to see it painted and i cant wait to see this black dwarf if you get around to doing it. I was thinking of doing something similar out of the last white dwarf (not the one on the shield) but no one could give me some ideas and i didnt want to hack it to bits since its limited edition.


i am so impressed, wow!!! great shield

Pyro Stick:

You should open your own webshop grimstonefire, selling casts of your models. I would definately buy a few of most of the models you have done.


wow, this is impressing! the GS-works rulez, did you sculpt everything by yourself or did you make some molds?


That dwarf is awesome - very, very nice work there Mr. Grimstonefire - or should it be Sir Grim?

Pyro Stick:

More like Almighty Lord Grim. That might be a bit to worshipy…