[Archive] The WIKI needs your help!


I’m working through the wikipedia and expanding it in all manner of ways. Starting to add a lot of fan made stuff to the areas where nothing official exists.

I don’t know how many follow the old wiki thread (I post some of the updates there), no matter. This thread is a place where I’ll ask for specific contributions from other members. It’s placed under Chaos Dwarf Discussion because it’s only worth something when seen and checked by menbers. Mainly pictures and drawings. Your username will be featured as part of your contribution.

When you offer something here, you give your permission for and guarentee:

  • It being featured on the wiki

  • That I keep a back up file on in my dropbox

  • That I edit size, colours etc for the benifit of articles

Current needs


A picture and/or drawing of Astrogoth Ironhands

A picture and/or drawing of Drazhoath the Ashen

Pictures/drawing of castles, architecture, geographical places etc

Pictures of most of the C27, C36, DL2 hobgoblins and the asscannon/asscannon in bits. Preferably without paint - but painted is okay if nothing else shows up. As little diorama etc as possible. Many holes in there so check this link

Wolfboy 3 and wolfboy 4 from the Dogs of War wolf riders: Link here

A lot of the Warhammer Forge stuff. Both completed models and bits. This should be possible to find unpainted. Link with needs

Man-O-War all the ships for the CD fleet Link


Delivered by the community to the WIKI

Picture af a [[Chaos Dwarf Fortress]].


A list of members who have helped out with the wiki needs.




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Re: DoW Wolfboyz, I seem to have mislabelled the pics compared to the pics from the catalogue on SoL. “My” WB2 is really WB3. “My” WB1 is really WBStd, “my” WBStd is really WB2. I could try and make new/better pics. I’ll see if I have the other WBs to take pics of. I have a couple of loose ones, somewhere, but after my move I can only find a shrinkwrapped box of the unit I did not know I had. Of all things. Deeply embarrassed that when someone was looking for them and I checked if my contacts had any left, the solution was to look under my bed… took me a move to find them. :facepalm:


Sounds good. Can’t promise anything, but I’ll try and make an effort to do some artwork :slight_smile:


Clam has a painted Ass-Cannon on a small Diorama in his blog => Link

In the Attachment there is the (already posted) Chaos Dwarf-Mining-Complex!



Quick Question. What size are the images in the WIKI?


and the asscannon/asscannon in bits. Preferably without paint - but painted is okay if nothing else shows up.

this is already on the site:



Remember folks, those helping on the wiki can get the wiki medal. But you’ve got to put in a fair amount of effort, not for the faint of heart!


Flipping this over to CDO Projects, should this pickup some steam we can move it back.