[Archive] The Word of Hashut - Issue #3


Hey so noted, there actually was a continued on at one time but it was able so squeeze it in. I’ll change it. Thanks for pointing it out.


Really enjoyed to read it, for me #3 was even better then volume one and two. You even managed to have an interview with Felix, applause for that.

Though, it had some minor errors (like on page 25, where it says "Continued from page 25" :P ). But don´t worry I thought it actually was kind of funny.
WoH is IMO the best magazine on internet, and probably one of the best of the real world as well.

told ya so Willmark! it was totally in my corrections! ;) glad to see all my hard work was utilized :P

but in all honesty, there are probably a couple articles that still have errors; most articles were edited well in advance in Word with track changes, however articles submitted late (*ahem!*) were put directly into the pdf and made it tough to edit. so anything you see, please advise and like Willmark said, a mass correction will be done and we'll try to catch them all. :)


A special note of thanks should also be given to Viskar for shouldering some of the design load. It was his first time out and not too bad, improvements on the way there I’m sure.

Also another special thanks to Gaixo who helped immensely with some extremely last minute corrections for the Blood Bowl article.


Cool I got my G. Taurus in the issue - I have been waiting for this issue, well each and every issue is something I have been waiting for ans still do :slight_smile:



If anyone had issues downloading over the last while its all set now, I fixed the issue.

Kera foehunter:

i see i have to get started painting !! to get me out of the incomplete figures

thanks for using my wolves


I’m really enjoying these. IMO the WOH is much better than White Dwart and its free. Great job guys!


I really enjoyed reading this one (much like the preceeding two)

Congratulations, and thanks, to all those involved for producing such a great e-zine.

Thommy H:

Any chance of us getting this on Warseer’s front page again?


I’ve been in contact with them, they will be posting it after their server migration.

Those that sent out links to the Warhammer race specific forums please do so. Please check to make sure that the links are not redundant thou and in the appropriate sections. For instance I have already posted on http://ulthuan.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=27719 and Chaos Dwarfs Online releases is Third Issue of its Webzine

Thommy H:

Whoops - “Strombringers”…


Yah someone else noticed it, on another site no less. I’ll change it tonight. Win some, lose some I suppose :wink:


Phenominal! My favorite bit was theinterview with Felix. This really is streets ahead of any other webzine


I’ve done threads on drucchi.net and Da Warpath

Viskar Zhragoth:

I put it up on Warseer forums the day it was released. Funnily I also asked them to put it on the front page of warseer.


This should help in the promotion as well:



good work to all for getting it posted on other sites. push push push! :slight_smile: our name is slowly getting out there and as it is, it’s being associated with an amazing collaborative effort!

gold stars all around :wink:


Included below are links to the appropriate forums… I didn’t post, but providing the links anyways.

Tomb Kings

Vampire Counts

Dwarfs, if we want to tempt fate…




Ogre Kingdoms

Imperial Guard

I didn’t post the Skaven, High Elf, or Chaos star ones as I’m guessing they’re covered from the sounds of it?

Hope that helps.


Hey Swiss see post #36! :wink:


I posted in on all the CHaos Star Forums, Bugman’s, Librarium, Tabletop Gaming News and The Warhammer Forum (where it could sure use a bump!). :slight_smile: