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Once again the lesser races quiver with fear as the Dawi Zharr march forth, this time with the 6th issue of the Word of Hashut ezine. Continuing on the great legacy of the past we hope you enjoy this issue of Chaos Dwarf lore! This quarter’s high rez is 76 megs.

Here we are again, and once again another late issue, grrrrr. As noted in the work thread this issue was supposed to be out on September 26th, but here we are on the 11th of October. If I have to sacrifice a billion slaves one of these times we are going to get this thing out on time. Maybe next time I’ll take away all of Sojourn’s boots, that should motivate her! (to her defense it wasn’t just her, I just wanted to pick on her).

Enough of that, herein you’ll find 96 pages of Dawi Zharr lore and a host of great articles and resources. This issue we really tried to do something a bit different with the layout as well as the article content. I really do not want to keep doing the same exact thing every time. Tell me what you think as going forward we are not adverse to trying out stuff and seeing what works and what doesn’t

As always there is always something to do, with that in mind Issue #7 is already in the plannings stages. If you have something you want to turn in please direct it to our Submissions Coordinator  Maul He will take it from there and he and I will discuss the content and placement of your submission and any revisions that need be made.

As you can see the trend of great covers is continued in this mag with igorvet creating the great front page artwork and GRNDL contributing on the back cover.

As with previous issues there are a few more ways to view the Word of Hashut:

FOR THOSE WITH LOW SPEED CONNECTIONS: you can access a low res (its 18.6 megs) version here (caution it will look terrible if you print it from this file) http://www.mediafire.com/file/t2jyhomzzn4/wohissue6lr.pdf

And a third way is now available for viewing (Issuu): http://issuu.com/wordofhashut/docs/woh06

As I always say there will be something that we have missed so please let me know and we will get it corrected.

Finally special thanks to my Sith Apprentice Swissdictator who helped out once again! Many thanks Dude.



Heh, as always I noticed a few things after the fact: there are a few minor image shifts on pages 86 and 87, if there are any other ones or mistakes let me know and I’ll take care of them in the next few days.


Yuppi! New Word of Hashut :slight_smile:

Well, actually my orcs are… orcs, not Black Orcs… but who cares? :smiley:


Impressive work as always! :smiley:

Thommy H:

The article about Chaos Dwarf language doesn’t make a lot of sense since Ishkur’s illustrations have nothing whatsoever to do with the stuff I wrote :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh…that’s also not my Artisan’s Contest entry… I wrote Gates of Zharr, which was the winning entry.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hm, Thommy as you didn’t respond to my PM on that matter I guess I just supposed you’re all fine with my designs. I for my part see no conflict between the text and the illustration. Their alphabet is described as a mixture of the angular Khazalid runes and the round Dark Tongue symbols, and that’s what I made up.

If you feel you can do it better then… well just go and form your own secret cult! g :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay cant wait to download it and start reading it tonight :slight_smile:


Blown away once again. Thanks everyone for all your hard work on this issue!

Sorry I have not been around guys, bought a house and just got married (finally) on Saturday. Cannot sleep I am so excited. Honeymoon starts tomorrow so I will be absent a bit longer!

Ciao for now!


Congrats Vexxus!  All that and you now have WoH#6!  What more could you want :wink:

Great job willmark and team.  This one feels more refined as an ezine than any of the previous ones I think.

I’ve yet to read most of it, but it’s a really nice mix of articles.  The artwork is cool as always.  I’ll give more feedback later.

It would be interesting to see CD sorcerers for the other lores…


Imo you shouldn’t be so concerned about the deadlines.  A couple of weeks later than planned is not the end of the world.

If it were up to me I would have shunted the front cover image down a cm or two to see the name better.


I’ll download it when I get home tonight - looking so much forward reading this one.

And yes, big congrats to Vexxus - hope you have a fantastic honeymoon - and we will look much forward seeing you back here.



The article about Chaos Dwarf language doesn't make a lot of sense since Ishkur's illustrations have nothing whatsoever to do with the stuff I wrote :P

Thommy H
Man... how the hell did that happen? Hehe this is what happens when you are looking at it for 2 months straight! I'll correct it tonight.

As far as the alphabet goes PM me please, I don't see a major problem with it however.

Bassman- the article talks about all orcs really.
If it were up to me I would have shunted the front cover image down a cm or two to see the name better.

That was done on purpose, Sports Illustrated is a good example of a magazine that does that all of the time.

Uzkul Werit:

Downloading now.

If it all goes to plan, I’ll do my best to write that article for the next one.


No! Must… look… away! Coursework to be done!

…it can wait.

Edit: Put it up on Librarium Online. If anyone actually involved in the project feels they should be doing the spreading of the word, feel free to put me back in my cage.


Nope that’s fine usally we start spreading it out right away but we finished the final stuff so late it was upload and the off to sleep.

After I make the adjustments/corrections noted I’ll start posting it elswhere tonight.


Corrections made; update is slated for tonight then it’s promotion time.


Looking very cool, as always :slight_smile: I love the way the layout is evolving, looks better every time.

Thommy H:

That wasn’t really a criticism directed at you, Ishkur. Your work was fine, and I think my work was fine…it’s just that they have no relationship to one another! I did get your PM, but I wasn’t sure how to respond to it since, as I say, it seemed to be a completely independent piece of work. A good piece of work, but I don’t know if you read my article before doing it, or if Willmark just gave you a similar brief to mine. I’ve also been away and busy for large chunks of the last month or two, and I haven’t been giving CDO my full attention.

Essentially, I think that you and I could have done a good collaborative article on this subject - it’s just that what appears in this issue of WoH isn’t it!

I blame me not being around and not fully getting what was asked of me for it. It was very much Willmark’s baby that he kind of threw at me without me quite knowing how to feed it and change it and stuff. If everyone else likes it then that’s fine, but I personally feel like it was a bit of a misfire.


Nah Thommy it’s not bad, if anything it’s much like some of the criticism for Issue #5. Then you correctly pointed out it’s not like any of us are getting paid for this. look at the goof up for the Artisans, I know I had that right at one point but after working on it for months it got missed. Fortunately I have it corrected now. This one was a struggle to get finished and hopefully we will do a better job of it going forward. Having Maul in place right from the beginning of the next issue will help. On top of all this: I work 2 jobs, have  2 kids, wife, dog, a house to maintain, yard to take care of, etc this before I factor in any warhammer related stuff. Everyones busy, know I certainly am.

Another point we have stuff coming in from all over, it’s no small feat to even get this thing out.

Baggronor and all many thanks on the layout. I wanted to try something different this time around and see what did or did not work. Believe it or not a white layout is even tougher to do!

Ancient History:

This really is the best fanzine I’ve ever seen.


Really great and awesome stuff! :hat off

Cool layout - everything brilliant - as always! :cheers

I will read all the articles again more careful in the next days! :o

I´m looking foreward to the next issue … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: