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Anyone remembering this thread?


Such an innocent little thread about a demo game at Salute '10

Besides the beautiful pictures - it holds pieces of the most interesting news I’ve heard in years:

The massive Titan size Giants are made of resin and they were built by Paul ‘Battleforge’ Stanley, he also sculpted all the halflings on the board (approx 300 of them), he will be sculpting Chaos Dwarfs in a big way later this year, I’ve seen some of his prototypes and I’m VERY excited :slight_smile: there were 6 players and an umpire, I supplied all the terrain except the castle.

Hashut’s little helper
I have seen some of the prototypes for the Chaos dwarfs and I have to say, I will be buying them, a lot of them.

I already have a LOT of his halflings and one of his Giants with the excellent Cyclops head, but his CD’s, yeah…

I’ve only seen a few of the proto type miniatures but yeah… I’ll be getting an entire army of CD’s from the Battleforge.

There have been different options for CD units over the years since the early 90’s but nobody has offered an entire range of CD’s let alone in a characterised style that appeals to me personally.

The battleforge is going to be bringing out an entire range of CD’s (as well as Halflings, Giants in different sizes and scales, regular dwarfs and Goblins).

I know I’m going to want to buy an entire army of his CD’s just as I have all of his almost completed range of halflings.

Some sculptors you click with, others you don’t.

For me the Battleforge style works, it just works. It’s got plenty of that old school character mixed in with some well thought out race specific characteristics.

Sadly I don’t have any pictures to offerr anyone of the upcoming Chaos Dwarfs but when they are ready, and they WILL be coming out, they will be a bit special, especially the new Chaos dwarf War Machine/Siege weapon he has planned.

Hashut’s little helper
I’ve been nagging Hashut’s little helper for more news of what he has seen - but he couldn’t give me more, yet. But the last few days I’ve been in direct contact with Paul (The Battle Forge) regarding his awesome ACW dwarfs and that lead into a talk about Chaos Dwarfs and his project - and yesterday it finally paid of:

I should probably wait for Hashut’s little Helper to post this - but can’t wait for that (hope you’ll forgive me :D).

First a Spearman - the first in a group of ordinary warriors

Paul also plans to do some possessed/mutants ones - the second one falls into the last category :smiley:

I really, really love the style of these (but I’m also big fan of Pauls halfling style)- but it can’t come as a surprise - that the last one is my personal favourite - so old school citadel :smiley:

The first 6 is ready for casting - and hopefully we will see their release by the end of September - and another 6 should be their way.

Don’t know about you guys, but I believe this is the best thing that has happened to us since the Big Hat year era.

And should anyone wonder … No, I’m not turning my back at Sjoredo and Hasslefree Miniatures - still my favourite miniatures - currently available - but wit a single miniature every half year - I have to look into alternatives.

Thommy H:

I really like the spearman, though I don’t know what I’d do with Chaos Dwarfs armed that way. Give them an axe and a shield and I’d snap 'em up.


Nice, was already looking towards Paul’s sculpts for an all halfling army. But if this guy is going to do CD’s… Then I can’t wait to see more. And yes order them ofc! :slight_smile:


I think Paul means business - and takes this project very serious and have big plans for the future - and who knows? - maybe we’ll even see Chaos Halflings :rolleyes:


I don’t like the mutant, by the guy with the spear is great. A few similar, but with some variety, and armed with axes would be perfect. I could even deal with the way they seem to be standing on little hills.


The spear can easily be converted to to an axe, a la the GW Warrior plastics… I’ll be keeping my eye on these guys :wink: Thanks for the heads-up!!


I think it would be most amusing to see all the independents make evil dwarves with helmets and masks, so that when GW finally makes their own, they have to fall back on Big Hats simply so they won’t look like all the rival independent companies making them. Heh.


Very nice. I think most of us probably have enough CD that we could mingle the spearmen in amongst them without anyone caring.


This is very cool, i will certainly be picking some up! :slight_smile:


The Mutant seems rushed in places but the other one is very cool.


You think? - I disagree, obviously - Really like the rough sculpt that make him look so nurgle-ish and infested. And can’t hardly wait to see more.

Oh , and Paul gave a comment (after reading this) that he might changed the spear into an axe/shield warrior type. Think, that’s a pity. I really like the spear option. Ever since Pyro did that MM90 Crossbow variant with a spear - I’ve been very keen on the idea of a spearmen CD unit.

Golder Goldeater:

Battleforge rocks. I particularly like the mutant. He is so 3rd ed style! :slight_smile:


I like these guys too!

Especially the spearmen are cool!

Finally something new - always the same weapons are boring!

Therefore I hope Battleforge will produce the spearmen!


Blue in VT:

I like both of them quite a bit…not sure how I will paint the mutant…but it will be fun figuring it out! I’m a big fan of the spearman too…and a whole bloc of those would be bad ass!

Great stuff…can’t see what he come out with next!



Definately an interesting find. I actually like the spear armed ones.


yeah, cut spear off, put wire in, put axe/mace on top and nice 2 hander model.

good find indeed.

Da Crusha:

I think it would be most amusing to see all the independents make evil dwarves with helmets and masks, so that when GW finally makes their own, they have to fall back on Big Hats simply so they won't look like all the rival independent companies making them. Heh.

I always thought about something like this happening with all the fan made books that come out. the fan books have all of these great Ideas and I think if GW did another cd book they might not want to use those ideas. resulting in a crappy book.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Very nice indeed! @ Grndl - That’s funny! Could the fans then sue GW for ripping off thier models? :smiley:


TBF showed off another green today:

Spearman #2

Paul wrote about this one:

This one has a full masked helmet on, with beard and hair poking from the underneath. A bit more of leather and beaten metal feel to the armour on this unit of Chaos Dwarves.

I’ve taken some inspiration from the gnarly, rough, shabby armour of the orcs and goblins in the LOTR films. To me that is what chaos is all about.

The Battle Forge
The first six miniatures (3 spearmen and 3 mutants, I think) will go into a mould very soon.

He also showed this one (the brown stuff one). His first chaos dwarf (made, something like 2 years old)

Will probably get an axe and a shield and be the base for some coming warriors.


And this is the third Spearman:

The evil stunties went to the mould maker today. All 6 should be available early/mid October.