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Hello all, this will be my first post here. I am a long time lurker here, and I finally have gathered enough impetus to start planning out a potential Chaos Dwarf army, my first Warhammer army ever.

I might be getting a BfSP box within in the next few days, and hopefully I can start converting. What I want from you all, is to tap your collective imaginations to help me flesh out the themes I want for my evil stunties. I am a sticklet when money is involved, so I would like to plan this out as thorougly as possible, especially since this will be my first time converting/painting/making an army.

My stunties are going to hail from the Prophets Eye clan (better name suggestions welcome) whose symbol is the horned eye of Hashut. I want to incorporate this eye theme into my army, shields painted as eyes, eyes between the horns of my generals helmet, etc… The Immortals of this clan and all its sorcerors ritually blind themselves as an act of devotion to Hashut. In return, he grants them sight. My Immortals will have cloth wraps around their eyes while I think the sorcerors I will leave with empty eye sockets. How would you all reccomend I do this? In addition, the lord of the clan has a love for gold. As such, everything, and that includes weapons and armor, is going to be made of magically fortified gold. This leads me to my paint scheme.

Clearly, I am going to have alot of gold on my troops. I think alot of that would look good if drybrushed with a bronze/brown/or red. Maybe a mix of brown and red? I have never painted any models so I havn’t the slightest clue as to what might look good. What sort of colores do you all use for your dwarves flesh? I want a reddish tinge, sort of that heat baked look. What color(s) would work well for that?

In addition, I am not sure what I want my clans color(s) to be. I like red, but its so commonly used amongst CD, I want to seperate myself somewhat. I was thinking that maybe a dark blue like Liche Purple or Regal Blue might be nice, but that seems too much like western Dwarves. I was thinking, that a bleached bone/grey would work well with all the gold of my army, and if I added enough yellow/black/grey in with the white it would look suitably evil, not shining good like the elves. The other option might be a darker yellow/orange as the primary color of the clan. Your thoughts on color schemes and my fluff would be nice.

Also, I have a few conundrums as far as conversion goes. I have tried pretty succesfully to make some bears/tusks/hats/etc… on a the few unpainted dwarf models I have from many years ago. I experimented with Sculpy, which I know is completley different than green stuff so I had an understandibly hard time. The problem I am confronting though is how one makes the extremely small pieces on the dwarf, specifically the hooked nose and to a lesser extent the tusks. How do you all make the Chaos Dwarf noses look like anything other than a blob? Likewise with the tusks, how do you shape something that small?

Also, any tips for beginning converters, other than the usual (lots of water, etc…)?

I apologise for my extremely long post and the huge ammount of questions. I really appreciate any help/advice you could give me.

Lord Archaon:

Welcome to the forum ! :cheers Here you can see the basics of the green stuff. About tusks if you can’t make them out of green stuff you can make them as i did on the boar centaurus here tusks are made from wooden sticks( but i made them a bit long).
About your color scheme here you can see it. I like yours ideas on converting and bleached bone/grey/gold painting scheme. And about your clan name i think it’s good enought.:slight_smile:
I want to see your first C_Dwarf when it’s ready:)

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Welcome to the forum and congratulations to choosing the coolest army out there!

I quite like your fluff and conversion ideas. This will make for a very nice theme to the army. Also, if you keep to the bull and eye motif and include some chaos stars here and there, you will have no risk at all that your army will be mistaken for a regular Dawi army, no matter which color you finally decide on.



Thanks for the replies and warm welcomes! I really like how his painting turned out. Definatley going to go with that now. I appreciate the tips on modeling aswell.

Something I was going to add into the original post, but I suppose I can ask for here is that I wanted to make larger shields for my first regiment of warriors, since they are my lords defenders. Would you recommend making larger shields out of plasticard or the like or getting them off another sprue?

Edit: Got the box today. I see now why Xander kept saying “Try not to cut yourself!” in his conversion videos! Ouch! Iwill have my first test version converted sometime at the end of the week.


Didn’t want to start a new thread, so please excuse the double post.

I have already converted a few dwarves from BfSP, and I wanted to get the hang of the hobgoblins. Unfortunatley, my tools are limited, and the BfSP goblins are constructed in a way which makes it hard to convert. Mostly, I don’t want to cut through the shields on the spearmen, but my tools arn’t high-quality enough to cut through just a part of the night goblin. They can barely cut through the entire thing, let along with any finesse.

Any ideas on what I could be doing? Just conver the hats/weapons, and leave them the same height? Thanks for your help.


I plan to make a Hobgoblin conversion guide in a video format soon. So hopefully that will help.

As for your theme. It seems well planned out. Some pictures of what you have done so far would help a lot.

For your knife dellema, hit up a Dollar store and look for a better exacto knife. That’s where I got mine, and it works great.


That would be great. I’ll make a trip tommorrow and see if I can get a heavier blade. I have plenty of dwarves to work on (screw up?) for now. I’m getting better. I think I have the beards down. Still fiddling with the hats, and I havn’t touched the lips and tusks yet.


ooohhh… a hobbo video guide Mr. Xander? I can’t wait, get back to work at once (sound of slavers cracking whips at hobbos and website founders…)

Traitor King:

Sobek, Welcome to the forums. Cant wait to see you get some models up.

With the hobbos, you dont have to make them taller. Thats one of the great things with chaos dwarfs. We have so much freedom, you can make your models how you like pretty much.


I would love to just give them hats and hand weapons and call it a day, but I want to make my hobgoblins look like hobgoblins, not Night Goblins with a little green stuff added.

I’ll see how I feel about it when I finish my dwarves; i’ll see how much more energy and time I want to put into these models.